Easy Ways to Track Locations Via WHATSAPP, HLR Lookup and Google Maps

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It turns out that there is an easy way to track location via WhatsApp or WA. Please try it directly on an Android or iOS cellphone that is already using WhatsApp.

These methods and tips are not meant to intrude on privacy or stalking. This method is more to make it easier for those who have an appointment but have not been able to meet because they do not know the location point.

Once they know the current location, they don't need to be confused or forced to cancel their appointments.

Here's an easy way to find out the location point via WhatsApp that you can try immediately:

A. Use the Live Location Feature on WhatsApp

This feature can directly track the location of other WhatsApp account owners. How to use this feature:
  1. Open the WA application and select the group or person you want to share the latest location with (live action). 
  2. Then click the paperclip icon at the bottom right and select a location option.
  3. Click share current location, then how long you want to use live location. In the add information option and if necessary, type the message to be sent.
  4. Then the recipient of the message can see the exact location of the sender of the message, including if he moves location. This feature will of course automatically stop if the duration of the live location sharing time has run out. And also can be stopped by clicking stop sharing.

B. Tracking WhatsApp with HLR Lookup Application

This Home Location Register or HLR Lookup application is for tracking HLRs that will tell the location of customers and their providers.

These tips are worth trying, especially when we get a fraudulent message via WA and want to know the location of the culprit. Here are the steps:
  1. Download the HLR app first
  2. Enter the WhatsApp number of the fraud perpetrator into the downloaded HLR application, then click send
  3. After that, the area code details, service provider, region, city and country of the number will appear. Share the info by clicking send
Applications are often less accurate in providing the latest location info from the perpetrator, but the location info of the registered number can be known

C. Track location with Google Maps

Google Maps can also be used to track the current location via WA with a fairly good level of accuracy. Here's how:
  1. Open Google Maps, then click the account symbol in the top right corner and select location sharing
  2. Click start to show the location point to our WA friends and specify the duration of real time location sharing or if not necessary, it can also be disabled
  3. Select WhatsApp and also select the contact to whom the current location info will be sent.
Good luck..

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