Simple Ways to Stabilize Wifi Ping with Various Methods

You need to know how to stabilize the Wifi ping so that you can play games smoothly. Usually this is a hunt for Android users. Especially those who have a hobby of playing online games such as PUBG, ML, FF, and so on.

How to Stabilize Wifi Ping

Basically unstable Wifi ping will interfere with gameplay. As a result, you often encounter obstacles in the form of lag or intermittent signals. Actually ping is a command to check the response between the client and the destination server.

The existence of a ping is very useful to find out the normal status or not of a Wifi. So that the quality of the internet connection becomes more improved and stable. That way you can freely access all your needs with ease.

Here's how you can do it.

Using the Ping App

The first way can use the Ping application. You can cut off background applications that use data. This application is very good for those of you who use Android.

Understanding how to stabilize Wifi pings is usually very useful for improving the quality of internet connections. You can install the ping app and tap on Start and then close it. After that, let the ping application run in the background.

Changing Mobile Connection

Then you can stabilize the Wifi ping by changing the mobile connection. Usually a good broadband connection for indihome, MNC internet and so on. While other types use mobile data with various providers.

If the connection is not stable using broadband then you can use mobile data. Because certain servers will be better at increasing ping latency.

Changing Bandwidth Settings

The next way can be to make changes to the settings. You have to check that the modem is on. If within 20 minutes the connection is still bad then you have to stabilize the Wifi ping by changing the bandwidth settings to a higher frequency.

Using the Wifi Switcher App

Then you can use an application called Wifi Switcher. You can get the application for free through the Google PlayStore. It even includes an application from Cloudie Development.

You just need to download the app and run it. How to stabilize Wifi ping by giving access permissions so that the application system works properly. Click the menu available in the application and enjoy a smooth internet connection while playing games.

Good luck..
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