6 Tips for Advertising on Social Media (FaceBook and InstaGram)

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After getting to know the various reasons why advertising on social media is important, let's find out, what are the tips for advertising on social media that you can apply to your business!

1. Recognizing Business Objectives

Companies will find it difficult to achieve the goals they want to achieve if they don't know what their real goals are. Understanding business goals is very important. This ensures us to choose the right method, strategy and platform for advertising.

2. Set business targets

After recognizing the objectives of our company, we must also have a target for our business, whether it's the target market or the goals of our own business so that the company's marketing can be achieved.

By determining the appropriate target market, then we can make a good segmentation of the products or services that we will offer. Companies can effectively find out the character of our target business, their decision making and also which advertising platforms on social media are suitable for our target. These things are considered crucial in order to deliver a good advertisement to potential buyers.

3. Customize Themes and Concepts

After collecting various data and conducting research and development, it will be easier for the company to carry out which theme you want to use to advertise our company and also which social media platform is suitable for our target market.

Double-check the theme that will be used because that is what builds the company's image. Then discuss again every idea and concept so that it is mature and can be executed properly in the end to potential customers.

4. Select Media

Now that we know what themes and concepts are suitable for our audience, it's time to adjust which social media we will use to share our content and designs. This is very important, social media itself also has some differences that again will be executed well for the companies that use it.

By knowing and adjusting these things, the process of compiling social media advertising content will be more effective and in accordance with the company's preferred media.

Even though all today's social media already offer various advertising options, that doesn't mean we have to use them to attract a large audience. Don't forget we need to analyze various factors such as clear objectives, content and audience to find out which one is best for our business. Look for a platform that fits the target market so you don't waste the company's advertising budget.

Here are two popular social media that you can use as a reference for your business:


The first is Facebook. Facebook's demographics cover the widest area of ​​any network out there and it hasn't changed drastically over the years. Many big brands find at least some segments of their audience on Facebook and are long-time subscribers to Facebook ads.

With Facebook Ads, we can reach many people who match our target market. This is because based on statistical data, Facebook shows that there are at least 2 billion people around the world using Facebook every month. So we can say that Facebook Ads has access to a very large market.

Facebook also has many options for destinations, ad sets, and ads. Our business will have many combinations to test and many ways to view the available advertising options.

Well, here are some of the advantages of Facebook Ads that you can consider for your business:

The price is affordable

Facebook offers quite affordable advertising prices, Facebook offers a fee of $ 0.5 - $ 1.

The number of users continues to increase
The number of Facebook users has never decreased. In fact, it is increasing from year to year.

Reach local and international

Facebook provides ad settings based on specific region targets. If we have a business in one particular area, we can use Facebook Ads to serve ads specifically to Facebook users who are in our area or surrounding areas.

Chain effect

When someone sees your business ad and gives a LIKE on the fanpage, then that action makes all their Facebook friends see the ad from that fanpage. This is often referred to as a chain effect that will attract other potential buyers and be profitable for a long promotion.

We can choose Facebook as our social media platform, by looking at the statistics of its users. Because even though Facebook is very good to use as a digital advertising medium, but back again whether this will be suitable to be applied to the business you have or not.

Here is an example of statistics from Hootsuite that can be used for your research and development. In the image below, it is known that Facebook is widely used by people who are 18 years old to 44 years old and most of their residents are men. You can make the benchmark and reference if you have a product that is suitable for men use for 18-44 years of range such as electronic for example. It will be very suitable for you who are targeting men aged 18-44 years in your business.

Source: Hootsuite


Besides Facebook, we can also choose Instagram as our advertising platform. Instagram prioritizes the visual display and features that can produce a high user engagement that makes Instagram very suitable for use as an advertisement tool.

Instagram itself also provides Instagram Ads services. There are so many businesses that use this service, for example, Food and Beverage Industry to Entertainment. Instagram itself revealed that this ADS Instagram undoubtedly can help improve the brand awareness of a product or service that the company offers.

Here are some advantages of Instagram ads for your business:

Easy to use

On Instagram, in just a few taps, we can manage our ads well with posts or Instagram Stories available. If you don't want a lot of complicated data and just want a big picture with an easy interface, Instagram is the best advertising management platform for your company.

Visual content

If our company tends to use strong visual content to advertise, then Instagram will be a good advertising media choice.

Specific advertising targeting

When we make ads using Instagram ADS, we can specify the desired range of viewers. We can also set several factors such as age, location, gender, and hobby of viewers who will later see our ads. This will make your ad target specifically.

Suitable features

Instagram has a hashtag and suggestion for you feature, which both features can help our business to expand reach.

Well, it's a variety of advantages that you can make a reference for your business. Below is an example of Instagram statistics that you can repeat whether it is suitable and in accordance with your company's concept and your company's target market. According to data reported from Hootsuite, if your target audience is a woman with age 35 to 54 years, then Instagram will be very suitable for you. The user on Instagram is also quite average between women and men who can really make you to market any product to this market.

Source: Hootsuite

The success of this social media ad is also mixing from planning and analysis. The strategy that our company uses a year ago may not work properly now and the same applies to the future. In addition, the network continues to adjust their advertising algorithms and features. Back again, we must carefully utilize various features that social media provide effectively.

5. Create interesting content

In addition to choosing our media, it's time for us to choose advertising content that can attract our audience's attention. Also make sure our social media can engage our audience well to be interactive with us, for example they can join the topic that our business brings. Make a compact content and have an emotional attachment for our prospective buyers.

Focus on our content on benefits or solutions that can help consumers. In order for the audience to find out more about our products or services.

In addition to making interesting content, we also have to make captions and descriptions that are in harmony with the content, copy, and visual advertising of our social media. Try the caption we convey this clear, concise, and up to our prospective buyers.

Don't make a description that is too long and long-winded because this will make them lazy to read and lose excitement.

6. Measure the development of results

After all the things we are doing, the very important thing for us to do next is to measure our results. This will help us and tell whether our business has reached the target or not. This can be one of the feedback for the company, which shows us what works and what doesn't work.

Measuring the results of the platform we use and have concrete data about this is an important part of prove ROI (Return of Investment).

Thus a summary of the importance of the company to advertise on social media and share various tips for advertising on social media. Hopefully the information above can be useful for friends who are wanting to use social media as a means of advertising, and those who have long struggled in advertisements through social media.

Never be afraid to try friends! Can you use the above tips to increase your business too!

Source: Derisna Waisa from exabytes

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