How to Check and Update Android to the Latest Version

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Every year, Google launches its newest version of Android. Usually, new flagship smartphones often get the latest version of Android updates early. While old model smartphones have to queue to be able to update the new version of the Android operating system.

In addition, developers usually also roll out system updates on a regular basis. This system update or update really needs to be done. Android updates are aimed at fixing bugs, getting new features, or changing the interface (UI).

Here's how to check or check Android version, and update Android to the latest version.

How to check Android version

For that first check the Android version on your smartphone in this way. A little note, the interface of each phone brand can be different. But in general, the steps are almost the same as the following:
  • Open the "settings" menu denoted by the gear icon.
  • Scroll down to the most basic view, then click the "about phone" menu.
  • Click "software information". It will show you the Android version, interface, and Android security patch level.
  • In addition to this method, you can also open the "settings" > "system" > "advanced" > "system update" menu.

How to Update and Upgrade Android to the Latest Version

Then how to update an Android phone can be done in the following ways:
  • Open the "settings" menu.
  • Scroll down until you find "software update".
  • If you want to download it directly, click "download and install" > click the "download" button.
  • You can also download automatic Android updates using WiFi by sliding the "auto download via WiFi" button.
You can also do it another way, namely open the "settings" > "system" > "advanced" > "system update" menu. Wait until the system is downloaded and the installation process is complete. Some smartphones will restart automatically after a new version of Android is installed. If not, you can do a manual restart after updating your Android phone.

Because the download and installation process takes a long time, make sure the phone's battery power is sufficient. Also make sure the internet connection is stable so that the download process runs smoothly and does not fail. Apart from that, the storage space should also be sufficient to store system downloads. So, first clean the files that are no longer needed so that the storage space is more spacious.

When will the phone be able to update to the new version of Android? The availability of the latest Android version is highly dependent on the readiness of each smartphone manufacturer and model. They have their own schedule for when their smartphone model will get the latest version of Android updates. To find out more whether your smartphone can update Android to the latest version, you can check on the following site.

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