Here's How to Check Samsung's Warranty and the Easiest Claim Terms!

Who doesn't know Samsung? One of the producers of various kinds of electronics, this one has been known by the wider community. One type of product, namely a smartphone.

Samsung phones even continue to set new records, and become one of the mobile phone brands that are widely used by people in the world. One of the advantages of Samsung is the long warranty and ease of claiming.

Let's find out, how to check Samsung's warranty and the easiest claim terms!

The existence of a warranty in the cellphone is indeed something that is quite considered, when you want to use it. Samsung has a warranty that is considered profitable for its consumers. This is because of the long warranty period, as well as the ease of claiming.

Curious, how do I check Samsung's warranty and what are the claim requirements? Check out the following information, for more detailed information!

How to Check Samsung Warranty

Doing a Samsung warranty check is very easy to do. Here are the ways you can do it. Among them:
  • Open your browser, then go to the official warranty checking site from Samsung at
  • After the warranty checking site is open, then enter your phone's IMEI number in the column provided. The IMEI number can be found on the phone, or it can be checked in the warranty book.
  • Click Check and wait a few moments for the search process
  • If the search process has been completed, the phone information will appear. Including the warranty information you ordered.

Samsung Warranty Claim Terms

Before making a warranty claim, it would be nice if you complete the terms of the claim first. The following are the conditions for claiming Samsung's claims. Among them:
  1. Make sure your phone's warranty period has not expired. The warranty period is valid for one year from the purchase of a new phone
  2. A warranty that can be claimed is a warranty provided by an official company from Samsung.
  3. If you want to make a free claim, you must provide evidence in the form of a warranty card and a receipt for your cellphone purchase
  4. Warranty can be claimed for mobile phone purchases from within the country
  5. Warranty claims can only be made at an authorized Samsung service center
That's information about how to check Samsung's warranty and the claim requirements it needs. If your Samsung phone is damaged and want to claim warranty, immediately visit an authorized service center from Samsung.
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