5 main differences between Business Email and Personal Email

In general, there are two types of email, namely business email and get personal email. For most people, it must be very easy to distinguish the two emails. Especially when you look at its function. However, there are some differences between business emails and personal emails that are more specific and you probably didn't know about.

Understanding Email

Email or electronic mail (electronic mail) is a special service that allows you and other internet users to send news or letters to other people electronically. So that the use of conventional equipment such as writing paper, envelopes, stamps and others is no longer a necessity.

The discovery of this technology occurred for the first time in 1971. It's just that in that era in terms of benefits and use, there was no significant difference between business email and personal email because the working system was still very simple.

However, since then email has become the most frequently used means of communication besides telephone and conventional letters. Meanwhile, nowadays, many people think that email is the best means of communication because it can be used universally compared to other media.

Benefits of Email

Nowadays, there are more and more communication media that you can use to connect with other people. Starting from WA (WhatsApp), Telegram, social media and so on. However, not a few are more interested in using email because this media has greater benefits.

Send or receive messages

Email makes it easy for you to send messages anytime, anywhere and with anyone. The message will be sent directly and the person receiving it can also reply quickly.

Means of validation and activation of social media accounts

Almost all social media use email as a means of validating or activating a new account. So without email, both processes will not be able to run. The purpose of using this system itself is to maintain confidentiality.

Can send messages to many people at once

Through the special cc or bcc feature (carbon copy or blind carbon copy), you can send one e-mail to many people at once. So you don't need to send one by one manually.

Identity tool

When surfing the internet, there are some sites that require you to enter your email before accessing it. For example, for age confirmation, group registration, information or content subscriptions and so on.

Accessing public services

Almost all public services in Indonesia such as BPJS, tax payments, internet banking, e-money and others also require email for registration and validation processes.

Difference Between Business Email and Personal Email

Everyone knows that the main benefit of business email is to communicate with business or business partners, clients, consumers and others. While personal email is email that is only used for personal business only. But apart from that there are some other very significant differences between the two.

Functions and roles

The opposite functions and roles are the main differences between business email and personal email. In addition to being a communication tool, business email can also act as a means of promotion and company branding. The name of the company or product brand can be seen clearly when someone is receiving or sending an email.

While personal email is an email whose purpose is to make personal communication. For example with friends, relatives, family and so on.

Domain name use

The next difference between business email and personal email lies in the use of a domain name. If you use a business email, you can use your own domain name or a business name such as, and others.

While personal email, can only use the domain name provided by the email service provider. For example,, and so on.

Level of confidence

You may send promotional content or business offers via personal email. But don't expect too much if the email immediately gets a positive response from the recipient. Even worse, many think that the email is spam.

You will receive much different results when you use business email. The recipient is more confident and feels confident because the email address you use ends in the company's domain name. So in conclusion, the level of trust also often leads to differences between business emails and personal emails.

Paid and free

You can also make the difference between paid and free emails as a difference between business emails and personal emails. The use of business email is always paid and in general the price of usage is based on the completeness of features, data storage capacity and quality of service.

Different from personal email which is free or not paid. You are free to use the service at no cost. Examples include the giant company Google which provides free email facilities with the domain.

Data capacity

Because of its paid nature, of course, business email always has a larger data storage capacity. The more funds you pay, the more data you can send or receive. Likewise, the features and quality of service, must be more complete and of high quality.

Unlike personal email, it usually only has a data capacity of a few GB. So its use is also very limited. Even when you want to send data, a maximum of only a few tens of MB for one time. This is the next difference between business email and personal email.

Some Important Tips

From the explanation above, surely you will understand better that business email is far superior to personal email. Especially for those who are in the business world, digital marketing practitioners to other online business managers, business email has always been a very important need. To meet this need, you can contact the most trusted email hosting provider, Exabytes. In addition, there is no harm in learning how to create business emails and email signatures so that they can provide more optimal communication results.

Email signatures are text that is found at the very bottom or the very end of an email. The form does not have to be a signature, but can also be a business URL, contact or telephone number, company logo and so on. Don't be afraid, how to make an email signature is also very easy and doesn't need a complicated process.

Hopefully the review on the difference between business email and personal email above can be useful for all. Especially for those of you who want to do business or pursue a career in digital marketing.
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