Difference between External Link and Internal Link

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Using links, both internal links and external links, has become commonplace for a blogger. All existing links must be relevant links on our site. Because this will increase the search visibility and rank of the website that we have.

By knowing more about our link structure, it is hoped that it can help and make our content to appear in higher rankings.

External Links (Backlinks)

External links are links that direct us to other websites. This is done to provide additional information and references to a single website.

Usually these links are used in blog posts where we link our blog posts to other websites. Well, this method will help our website to rank well in search engine results.

Internal Link

An internal link is a hyperlink that points to the same domain as the domain on the link (source). This type of link is used to internally link our website pages such as if we have an old blog post, then we can do an internal link with a new blog post (related post). This is a very important supporting factor and has become part of search engine optimization (SEO).

If one blog of our website gets more traffic than the other blog that we link to in the post (Dofollow Backlink), this will increase our website traffic. It can also help search engines analyze the number of pages on our site.

This internal link has the same effect as an external link (backlink). The difference is, the website owner can control 100% of the amount, location, and structure.

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