How Proxy Servers Work and 4 Types of Proxy Servers

Each computer device that is connected to the internet has a unique IP address that distinguishes it from other computers in a network. IP Address can be likened to a street address for your computer. Because an IP address is like a post office that can find out a certain path so that letters can be delivered from the sender to the destination.

How Proxy Servers Work

A proxy server is basically a computer that is on the internet and has its own IP address that is known to the user's computer. When you send a request or request for access to a certain website, your request will go to the Proxy Server first.

The proxy server then makes a request to access the website on your behalf. Next, the Proxy Server will forward the website page data to you so that it can be accessed via a browser.

When the Proxy Server forwards a request for access to a website to the destination server, the Proxy Server can change your IP Address. This is useful so that the destination server cannot read or know your original IP Address to ensure security.

Besides being able to disguise IP addresses, Proxy Servers can also encrypt user's original data and block or limit access to certain websites on the internet based on IP Address filters.

4 Types of Proxy Servers

Not all Proxy Servers have the same working system. It is important to understand exactly the type of Proxy Server in order to be able to use it according to your needs.

Proxy Server illustration (source: iStock Photo)
The following will describe what the types of Proxy Servers are.

1. Transparent Proxy

Transparent Proxies are often used in filtering content or websites. In addition, the working system of this type of proxy is to notify the destination server that the proxy server is accessing the destination server. Transparent Proxy still displays the original IP Address of the user.

Institutions that often use this type of proxy are public libraries, schools, and business companies.

2. Anonymous Proxy

Almost similar to the working system of Transparent Proxy, Anonymous Proxy will still identify itself as a proxy. However, this type of proxy will not forward or share the user's IP address to the destination server.

This type of proxy has the advantage of preventing websites from stealing personal identity data from users.

4. Distorting Proxy

Distorting Proxy assigns a fake IP Address to the destination server that is accessed, so that the user's real IP Address will not be known. The advantage of Distorting Proxy is that by falsifying the IP Address, the user will be known to be in a different location from the real one. This can work around content restrictions based on region of residence.

4. High Anonymity Proxy

High Anonymity Proxy will periodically change the user's IP Address to be assigned to the server of the destination website. So it will be very difficult to track the identity of users who are accessing a website. This type of proxy is the most private and safe to use on the internet.

Do you understand about Proxy Server

Thus a review of how it works and the types of proxy servers. if we have studied it and also have understood it, then our insight will be more open about this part of the vast world of the internet. Through this article, you have also understood that one of the advantages of a Proxy Server is that it can increase internet speed.

In addition, it is also explained about the function of the Proxy Server, starting from securing internet network access, saving bandwidth, controlling internet usage for certain users by blocking websites that are not allowed to be visited by users, and finally maintaining user privacy by disguising the IP address.

Not to forget, this article also provides an explanation of how the Proxy Server works. The last part of the article explores the types of Proxy Servers, including Transparent Proxy, Anonymous Proxy, Distorting Proxy, and High Anonymity Proxy.

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