How to Check Website Down Easily and Free

Are you sure that potential buyers will patiently wait until they can access your website again? With so many similar websites that can be easily accessed, internet users have many options. Finally, they leave your website for various reasons.

To prevent the website from going down, you can try several ways that are designed to check. one of them is to ask for help from a third party or free tools.

Check website down using tools

You can take advantage of the existence of web-based applications or tools that can be used online, some are free and some are paid. Here are the options:

Have you ever visited this website? This website can be an option when you need tools to check whether the website is down or not. This method is considered very easy where you only need to access the website.

  • After successfully logging into the website, please type in the URL name of the website to be checked.
  • You can also select the or just me button to determine whether the website down only happens to you or to everyone who accesses the same website.
  • There will be a description or notification that is displayed after the check is done.

This website comes with quite complete features. In addition, you will also get a notification if the website being checked is down. To be able to use this tool, do some of the steps below.

  • First, open the website in the browser that you use frequently.
  • Then, enter the URL in the field provided by selecting HTTP before entering the URL.
  • Wait until the checking process is complete.


If you want to get more features, use paid tools like Site24x7. This third way to check website down is suitable for beginners and professionals, even though it costs a lot of money.

  • First, access the website through a browser.
  • Next, you can enter the website name in the box provided.
  • Wait for the checking process until the information is displayed.
If the website is down, it will say Host Unavailable.
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