Procedure How to Register Ads on Google Adsense

So far, what we know may be that Google is only a search engine that is in demand by many internet users in the world. However, this is not only the case for internet marketers. Google not only functions as a search engine, because it includes many applications including Gmail and blogspot.

Of the many applications on Google, there are quite a few that attract the attention of netizens. In particular, for those who seek to profit from the site. One of them is the Google AdSense program. Google Adsense itself is an advertising partnership program with internet media.

Through this adsense program, blog or website owners who have registered and approved for membership can install ad units. The form and material have been determined in advance by Google. For those of you who are interested or maybe looking for related information, then how do I register? We will review in this article.

Create Adsense Account

The way to list ads on Google Adsense is to create an AdSense account first. The trick, open the site Next, click start and login to your Google account.

Next, enter the site page you want to register. If you want to add a site at a later time, then you can leave it blank and select I don't have a site yet.

Next, If you want access to send performance suggestions and help, then select Yes. Next, select a payment country or region. Finally, click start using adsense. If your application is accepted, there will be a notification.

Activate Google Adsense Account

Next, you must activate your Google Adsense account first. Usually, you have to complete a number of tasks first. A number of tasks range from entering payment information, seeing how ads appear on the website, and connecting the site to AdSense. A detailed explanation of how, you can get on the official Google AdSense website.

Wait Until Payment And Site Information Is Review
How to list ads on Google Adsense next, from Google will review your payment information and ensure its accuracy. From Google's side, all sites will be reviewed for compliance with the Adsense program policies. Once done, an email will be sent to you with details on the activation status. This process generally takes several days, sometimes even up to two weeks.

Showing Ads On Site

How to list ads on Google Adsense next, after your Google Adsense account is fully active, next you are ready to display ads. How, by pasting the HTML code from Google Adsense to the site. Therefore, you also have to understand how to install this code, be it on paid or free hosting sites such as wordpress or blogspot.

Make Sure You Have Quality Content

After your site is successfully registered and ready to show ads, then make sure you create quality content. That is, the writing you make is original and does not copy and paste from other people's writings. Writing must also be useful and easy to read, so that visitors feel at home and comfortable on your site. If the content is too short and the results are copy-pasted, in the future your site may no longer be listed on Google Adsense or be banned.

So, how to list ads on Google Adsense can actually be done very easily. At the beginning of the creation of the site, you should not teach Google Adsense too much and you should focus on the quality of the content and the number of visitors first. When you have a lot of content and visitors also regularly have large statistics, then start registering for this program.
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