Learn the Flow and How to Blast Email Marketing Easily

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Sending email blast marketing is quite different from the personal email that is commonly used. But you don't need to worry, because how to blast email is quite simple and doesn't require any special skills. You can follow the following steps to understand the flow and how to blast email marketing easily.

1. Select the Email Blast Application to Use

To send an email blast you need to determine what application you will use. The choice of the email blast application has been explained in the previous post.

The special email blast application provides complete features. This feature is certainly needed to send emails in large quantities at once. By using the right application, your work will become easier to do.

2. Create a Destined Email List

After determining the application that you will use, then make a list of the email addresses of the customers you will go to. Also complete other necessary information such as age, gender, place of residence and other demographics. Later this list can become a database that is not only useful for email blasts but also for other marketing purposes.

3. Segmenting the Targeted Email List

How to blast email marketing

After the destination email list has been created, you can proceed to the next step, which is segmenting. You can group customer emails based on their gender, shopping tendencies and interests. That way you can personalize emails that better suit their preferences, so the potential for emails to be seen is higher.

4. Create Emails According to the Target Market

After all the preparations are complete, you can start creating emails that will be blasted to customers. Here you can determine what kind of email template design to use, the type of email to be sent (catalog, information or voucher), and the language style that the email will carry. This step may take longer because you need to make sure the email that will be sent really matches your product image.

5. Email Performance Analysis and Repair Fix

After the email you have created is complete, you can immediately send the email to the segmented contact list. The process of sending emails may be different depending on what email blast application you are using.

After the email is sent, you can view the email performance report available on the email blast application. You can do analysis and strategize what to do next so that email blast marketing can reach the specified target.

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