Easy Way to Register for Google Adsense Youtube

YouTube is one of the most popular social media in the world. Almost all people are familiar with and even use this social media platform. There are various kinds of inspiring and interesting video content that can be found on YouTube, where YouTube is finally liked by many people.

Not only that, YouTube will also allow users to be able to upload or share videos. Until, everyone is given the opportunity to share their video work with other users. This is one of the attractions of someone who wants to use this type of social media.

The large number of YouTube users and subscribers in various parts of the world, content creators really have to take advantage of it to make lots of quality and interesting videos. In fact, it is not only a place to channel hobbies, but this social media can also earn a lot of money by using Google Adsense.

Did you know that these Google-owned ads will make Youtubers earn a lot of money from online content. The question is, how to register Google Adsense Youtube for those who want to become a Youtuber? Here's the explanation.

How to Register Google Adsense for Youtube

If you want to earn money from YouTube Adsense? So you have to know first how to register for Google Adsense Youtube, which is actually quite simple, namely:

1. Create a Gmail Account

The first step you take is to create a Gmail account first, because YouTube and Adsense are some of the products owned by Google. This way, you will have an e-mail address and a Google account which will later be used to sign in to all service products from Google.

2. Register To YouTube

If you already have a Gmail account, then the next step is to create a YouTube account directly. Here you just have to click YouTube, then select login if you already have an account.

3. Go to YouTube Video Manager Settings

How to register for Google Adsense Youtube, the next thing to do is by setting the video manager on your account. Then later, it will appear in the image in the upper right corner of the profile picture, after that find and click Creator Studio, then the "Create Channel" view will appear.

4. Upload Videos

If you have finished registering and setting up the YouTube video manager, then the next step is to upload videos on your YouTube account, at least three to five videos. Don't forget to include a description and make sure that the video you upload is an original video made by yourself.

5. Enable YouTube Monetization

To be able to activate YouTube monetization, the first step is to select the Creator Studio menu, after which, please enter the Channel - Status and Features menu. If you notice, there will be a Monetization column, then please select Activate.

When finished, please put a checklist in all the available box columns, then immediately click 'I Agree'. Don't forget to check the box column, then click Monetize. If it is finished, then your account is under review by Google Adsense.

6. Connect with Adsense YouTube

The last way to register for Google Adsense Youtube is by clicking Monetization, then after that click How I will be Paid and click Link Adsense Account. If you are finished, then you can click the next option and start filling in the data. Then later you will receive a notification from the email.
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