Risks of Sending Secret Photos and Videos via WhatsApp

How to send secret messages on WhatsApp is actually very easy. This secret message feature is a way for WhatsApp to protect the privacy of their users.

There are times when we want to send messages, both photos and videos to someone privately. This means that you don't want the message to be later shared with others. Because it's really a secret. The secret wants to be shared with a specific person, and you don't want that person to share it with anyone else.

The trick is through a WhatsApp feature called "view once". This feature is available for free. Make sure that you have updated your WhatsApp application to the latest version.

The way the view once feature works is simple. You send someone a message, but the message automatically disappears as soon as it's viewed. There are a few things you should know about the view once feature:

It's a Risk If You Send Secret Photos and Videos via WhatsApp

1. Media (photos, texts, videos) will not be saved in the Photos or Gallery of the recipient's phone.

2. Once you send a photo or video, it can no longer be viewed.

3. Photo and video content in the view once feature cannot be forwarded, cannot be saved, until shared.

4. You can find out if the recipient has opened the photo/video.

5. If the recipient does not open the photo and video for 14 days after sending, the content will automatically disappear from the chat.

6. You must select the “view once” menu every time you want to send a private/secret photo or video that instantly disappears.

7. Media sent can be recovered from WhatsApp backup if it has not been opened. But, if it is opened it will not be saved.

Well, here are other risks that must be considered for those who plan to send private photo and video files to certain people:

1. Users can take screenshots or screen recordings of the media before it disappears. The sender cannot know this.

2. Media that has been encrypted will be stored on WhatsApp servers for up to several weeks.

3. If the recipient decides to report the media sent via "view once", then WhatsApp can provide the media.
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