The Right Way to Overcome Website Down

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When there is a problem with the website, such as suddenly going down, don't panic. There are some important tips and things you can do so that the problem is quickly resolved.

Check Internet Connection

Without an internet connection, we can't access the website, right? Don't rush to conclusions. The absence of access to the website could be due to an unstable internet connection or experiencing problems. First, make sure to always check the network and internet connection.

Or you can also try accessing other websites for comparison. If all websites can't be accessed, it's likely that there is a problem with the internet connection that you are using. But if other websites can be accessed, while your website cannot be accessed, then the problem is your website.

Check Website

When you can't access your website or company website, is it really down? Try checking. To determine whether the problem is a website down, you can use the tools or websites described above.

Clear Browser Cache

Browser cache is website data temporarily stored in browser storage. This cache can be the cause of the website you can't access. Now you can clear the browser cache so that the website can be accessed again.
  • First, please open the menu in the top right corner of Chrome.
  • Then, select history and view all history.
  • Select clear browsing data and select Cached images and files by checking the box provided.
  • Next, select or click Clear data

Clear DNS Cache

In addition to the browser, the operating system also stores a connection cache in the form of a DNS cache. Constraints in the cache can also be the cause of the website being inaccessible. You have to clear the DNS cache or first flush the DNS by:
  • First, search for CMD or directly type CMD or Command Prompt in the search field on the taskbar.
  • Once CMD or Command Prompt opens, try typing ipconfig /flushdns.
  • If it works, you can try to access the website again.

Contact a Hosting Service Provider

If you have checked and are sure there are no problems, contact your website hosting service provider. The quality of hosting that is not optimal or the existence of server maintenance is the cause of the website down.

When choosing hosting for your business website, make sure to only choose quality ones to minimize the possibility of website downs or other unexpected problems. Supposedly, the hosting provider provides an uptime guarantee of up to 100 percent.


Website has an important role in running a business. However, a website down can boomerang that can destroy your business, especially if there are frequent problems in it. When internet users can't access the website, how can they become potential buyers?

Therefore, make sure the website can always work optimally with minimal downtime. In addition to choosing the right hosting service, also use SSL so that the website is protected from hacker attacks.

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