Tips for Getting Quality Backlinks on Your Website

After knowing and knowing the benefits of backlinks for websites, of course we all want to get these backlinks, but how do you do that?

The idea is actually very simple, you can simply ask the site you want to request a backlink. This is a direct way to get backlinks, besides working well, this method is also very easy. However, sometimes your request will be ignored because it is not their priority. Otherwise, your request will be rejected outright. You don't necessarily get a response, even worse, the response you get may not match the response you want.

Quality backlinks are not easily obtained, so we must know many strategies to build good quality backlinks.

So what should we do? We have to make a backlink request that they are impossible to ignore or refuse. It's not an easy job, but if we know what we're looking for, it will be much easier.

Well, here we will share tips and how to get quality backlinks on your website.

Build Credibility

Beginning to get high-quality backlinks, then we have to make our credibility first. Because websites usually want quality backlinks, which are certainly obtained from websites that are also of high quality.

Relevant content

Another thing we need to do to get backlinks is to do some research and target which websites we will request backlinks from. However, of course the content that we write must be relevant and suitable for the website, there is no way they will backlink to our website if the content we create is not on the same theme as what they provide to the audience.

Create Unique Content

In addition to your complete and relevant content, of course your content must be unique and stand out from other content. In fact, it's even better to create content like never before.

Have Influence

In addition to our relevant content, our content is also required to have an influence on readers, so Google will immediately assess your website as not a hoax and of high quality which will certainly improve your website's SEO.

Making Friendships

For a blogger, don't miss it to join a community. Because joining this community can be an effective vehicle for exchanging ideas about related information and we will also add to our network of friends.

If you are lucky, there might be one or two people who are interested in your website and willing to be invited to exchange links that will provide benefits for both parties.


Skyscraping itself is the process of finding content on your website that is already good, then making it even more popular. The concept was originally created by Brian Dean of Backlinko. Skyscraper is still an effective way to generate unique content ideas that can generate links to your website.


Rely on visuals, attractive to look at, make many people choose and like infographics. Lots of content creators share their infographic content. When we have created an infographic for our website, maybe there are interested people who will share this relevant infographic on their website, of course they will link to your website via a backlink. If they link to your website, it means we have found and also got quality backlinks.

So much information about tips on how to get quality backlinks.

After seeing the information above, let's start now by following the tips and tricks given to get quality backlinks to help your website be in a better search position on search engines. It is highly recommended for you to use these backlinks to optimize your website's SEO!

Hopefully this information can provide an overview to friends and you can use it as a reference to be able to get valid and quality backlinks.


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