Recognizing and Reminiscing the Beginning of the Birth of Android Applications

We will discuss starting from understanding the application. According to Wikipedia, an application is a sub-class of software that utilizes the capabilities of a direct computer to perform a task the user wants. So with the creation of an application, it will be easier for you to do tasks with system software that integrates various computer capabilities.

Then what is Android? Android is a Linux-based operating system designed for touch screen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. This Android operating system usually operates on smartphones.

This open source operating system was developed by Android, Inc. together with Google, which later founded a company called the Open Handset Alliance. The company operates in a consortium of hardware, software, and telecommunications companies that aim to advance open standards for mobile devices.

Android application is a software program that people use to perform an activity on the Android operating system. Android application itself has consisted of many kinds and purposes. The main examples of application software include word processors, worksheets, and media players.

Android has supported users to install third-party applications that can be obtained through the Google Play Store, Amazon AppStore, or by downloading and installing APKs from third-party sites.

The development of Android applications

The development of Android applications from the beginning of its appearance until 2014. Source: Appfigures
Judging from the large number of applications, in 2014 alone the Google Play Store has succeeded in overtaking iOS. While Amazon is far below its competitors. It can be concluded that the Google Play Store provides applications that are more complete than its competitors.

Judging also from the large number of application developers, again Google Play Store became the champion. In this case, it can be seen that the Google Play Store has more active users so that it triggers application developers on Android (Android Developers) to invest their hobbies or careers here. The number of users who download Android applications is very fast.

But on the other hand, many developers also plan to provide their applications on iOS and other similar operating systems. The number of similar applications available on the Google Play Store makes Android users feel comfortable in choosing applications from various developers.

For example, if you want an educational game, the Google Play Store provides these applications from various developers. So you can choose which puzzle game is to your liking.

You can give a rating on the application. The rating is in the form of a number of stars in the range of 1 to 5. If there is something you want to convey to the application developer, you can convey it through comments or contact the provided email.

Not only entertainment from games, several android applications are now part of millennial work productivity.
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