Advertise on YouTube and TV, Which is More Efficient?

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If you have a question, which is more efficient between placing ads on YouTube and TV. So the answer is certainly not the same.

As business owners who want to market our products or services through video platforms, sometimes we are confused which one is more effective and efficient between the two, YouTube vs TV.

Some time ago, Google had stated that one of its business channels, namely YouTube, was more effective in convincing consumers of the products being marketed. In fact, in 2013 until now, the number of people who spend time watching videos on the internet continues to increase rapidly.

Every month, more than 1 billion people spend their free time watching videos on YouTube. In addition, most YouTube views come from mobile phones or tablets.

Advantages of placing ads on YouTube

1. YouTube Ads Engage Viewers

Many advertisers think that TV is a way to get viewers, and YouTube is a way to get them involved. Based on the results of studies that have been conducted, it was found that 28% of YouTube engages viewers more than TV.

When watching videos on a smartphone, YouTube is almost 2.5 times more effective at attracting viewers than TV. This can be attributed to the fact that nowadays people cannot be separated from their smartphones.

2. Advertising on YouTube is Cheaper

Advertising on YouTube is cheaper than advertising on TV, YouTube provides advertising facilities with pay-per-click techniques. The options for displaying advertising videos on YouTube are more varied, for example through the search facility, through the display panel and before or after the video is played.
YouTube also provides access to read analytical data about the success of videos made by sellers to promote their products.

Videos on YouTube Become a Destination Viewer
Now many people are looking for video tutorials through YouTube. YouTube is a place to find tips that viewers can immediately see and are able to attract more than 1 billion unique visitors every month.

3. YouTube Can Reach The Right Audience (Targeted)

When compared to TV. In showing advertisements on TV, whether it is children's shows or soap operas, advertisements on TV are shown randomly. While ads on YouTube reach out according to keywords.

Through YouTube you can advertise to consumers at the right moment with various targeting methods. So you can reach a more specific audience based on what they are interested in and the content they are viewing

So, Is Youtube Already Your Digital Strategy?

YouTube isn't just a more interesting platform than TV, it's a place where your subscribers live. If you are interested in advertising through YouTube, then what are you waiting for? install it soon and good luck with your business.

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