Differences for Adsense Hostes and Non Hosted Accounts

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For people who are in the internet marketing world, they are definitely familiar with the term Google AdSense. Google AdSense is an advertiser's site that uses a CPC (cast per click) basis. By using AdSense, you can get a very large income. Especially for bloggers who are looking for income.

There are two types of AdSense accounts that you can use. Namely AdSense Hosted and AdSense Non Hosted. Then what's the difference. Before choosing between the two types of adsense. Here's the difference you should know.

Google AdSense Hosted

What is meant by hosted is the placement of AdSense ads on websites that are Google's official partner sites. Of course there are some advantages and disadvantages to these sites.

Registration place

To use AdSense hosted, you can only register via YouTube or Blogger. So if you create a free domain blog with Blogger, you can register via AdSense hosted. Just display the income table and follow the steps.

Ad Display

For ads, it can only be displayed on YouTube and Blogger, and HubPages. So it will not be broadcast on other platforms. If you want a wider ad placement, you have to upgrade to a higher type, namely non-hosted.

Advantages of Hosted AdSense Account

The advantages of this account are many. The AdSense registration process is fairly easy. No need for complicated conditions. Once the list can be accepted immediately. You only need to go through 1 review stage. You don't need to spend any capital at all. Because your free domain blog is hosted directly by Google or its partner sites.

Disadvantages of Hosted AdSense Accounts

The only drawback of this account is that it cannot be installed on other platforms. In addition, the upgrade process is quite long. Because you have to change the PIN first.

Google AdSense Non Hosted

While the non-hosted account itself is advertising on sites that are not Google's official partners. Or it can also be called a website that is not hosted by Google and its partners.

Registration place

For non-hosted, there are more places or registration platforms. You can wear any type. Whether it's Blogger that has been customized with a TLD domain, WordPress platform, PhP, and many others. You can use almost all platforms.

Advertisement Appearance

By using this account, you can display ads anywhere, so that more people see it. Without having to use a review, you can display blog ads. You can also install ad code on your Blogger or YouTube channel.

Advantages of Non Hosted Accounts

The advantages of a non-hosted AdSense account are many. The main advantage, of course, is that you can advertise anywhere. You can install the ad code without having to wait for a review first. Can be used on YouTube and WordPress which are self-hosted.

Disadvantages of Non Hosted Accounts

This account also has its drawbacks. Disadvantages include the difficult registration process. Once registered, it is not necessarily accepted immediately. You also have to wait for 2x reviews. First look at the quality of the second blog when the ad code is pasted. To be able to use this account you also have to pay a certain amount of money.

That's the difference between hosted and non-hosted AdSense accounts that you should know. That way you know what types of ads are suitable for your blog. Don't forget to upgrade the domain first. To make the registration process easier.

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