4 Tips to Build Landing Pages to Increase FaceBook Ads Conversions

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When someone hits your Facebook ad, you only have 8 seconds to be able to grab the attention of your visitors and generate conversions such as buying your product, using your service, downloading the file you provided, registering for the webinar you are hosting, making plans to meet, and so on. .

This means that the design and writing of the content of your landing pages must match the expectations of your target visitors.

Tips to Increase Conversions from Facebook Ads

Here are some of the best tips for increasing conversions from your Facebook Ads:

1. Make Research

Do some research on the long vs short advantages of writing landing page content (and keep in mind the main target)
See what your target is or what the true definition of conversion is on your Facebook Ads.

You will definitely use one of the short or long term landing pages.

Short writing is a very appropriate and good choice when you have an immediate target, such as when you want to get an email address so you can use subscriber access at a certain time, during a limited time sale, or when you want to do the registration process at a certain time. which webinar you are holding soon.

Landing pages with longer, more detailed content writing are highly recommended when you have long-term goals. Say, your goal is to raise awareness for your visitors about your new product or to give your visitors knowledge about a problem and how to solve it.

In cases like this, writing long landing page content can help build the trust and credibility of visitors from your Facebook Ads towards your product brand.

One warning to you: Don't expect your targeted conversions to arrive immediately. When you use this strategy, the conversion you expect will often come at the end. And at this point, it's a good idea to look at other success parameters such as the time visitors spend on your landing pages.

If visitors visit your landing pages and don't generate rejections, then this is a good sign on your landing pages.

2. Use visual elements

There are several reasons why it's a good idea to use visual elements on your Facebook Ads landing page.

Benefits of Using Visual Elements on Facebook Ads Landing Pages

First, the human brain can process images and their meanings faster than when processing sentences. This is evidenced by the fact that 50% of the human brain plays a role in visual processes and 65% of the world's people are people who learn using visual methods.

Second, visual elements lead you to design a more effective landing page. You can include graphics and images to make your landing page easier to digest.

What you don't want is that visitors to your ad get a landing page full of text, resulting in high bounce rates with low conversions.

Finally, visuals can provide emotional power and a message to your landing page visitors without providing extra content writing. For example, if you have a red or arrow button, this means a strong signal to the visitor, that action must be taken immediately. Meanwhile, if the visual you provide has a blue color, it will indirectly give the meaning of a calmer and friendlier language.

3. Use the “KISS” principle

You must have heard this phrase, “Keep It Simple Stupid!”. For those who have never heard of it, this sentence does sound a bit harsh, but actually this sentence has quite a deep meaning.

The mistake that is often made by various business actors is to complicate the situation that their business products have. They have a clear message in their Facebook Ads, but then they complicate it in their ad landing page. How ? They add various other social icons, unnecessary links or tabs, drop-down menus, and so on.

The problem is, all the “features” on this landing page can have a bad effect on your business conversions. All additional information or links or additional buttons that are not related to the main target of your business should be removed from your landing page.

Too many clicks on your landing page will only divert the main focus from the target you have set on your business landing page.

4. Focus on the benefits of writing landing pages

Maybe you've heard this saying: Profits can be sold, features can't be sold. As the meaning of this word implies that it is better to increase conversions according to your target, use and focus on the benefits of the products that your business has, rather than focusing on what your business looks like.

So the main points are:

To make a bigger impact from writing your landing pages and to increase your conversion rates, focus on writing about the solutions your product or service provides – or the intensity of your product offerings. If you stay focused on your visitors and what they want or need, you are sure to get more success than your primary target.

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