Simple and Efficient Life Tips Like FaceBook Boss, Mark Zuckerberg

The figure of Mark Zuckerberg is certainly no stranger to online businesses. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and the person behind the success of Facebook. Facebook would not be as big as it is today if there was no intervention by Mark Zuckerberg.

But did you know that all the success of Facebook can not be separated from the attitudes and habits that are embedded in the big boss.

If we look at the figure of Mark Zuckerberg, what comes to your mind? Rich? Intelligent? Or his trademark is always wearing gray clothes? Yes it's all true.

Although Mark is classified as a rich person, he is often seen wearing a gray t-shirt. Very simple isn't it? Even though Mark could have bought more expensive and luxurious clothes for himself.

Mark Zuckerberg's attitude should be emulated by young people who want to be successful like him. And Mark himself once shared tips on how he can live frugally and simply as he looks.

1. Living in a simple house

Surely what you imagine is Mark Zuckerberg's house is very luxurious with many servants and has a high security system. Of course it was just a shadow. Mark Zuckerberg admitted that he lived in a simple house, he even said that the house was a rented house.

2. Dress That Makes You Comfortable

No need for fancy and expensive clothes, as long as they are comfortable to wear, it's more than enough according to Mark. He often wears gray clothes, but that doesn't mean he only has one shirt. Even Mark Zuckerberg's closet seems to be full of the same colored clothes he wears. It's not that he can't afford other clothes, but this is because he is more comfortable wearing his gray clothes.

3. No need for sophisticated vehicles

What is a sophisticated and luxurious vehicle for, if its function is the same as a vehicle in general? The vehicle owned by Mark Zuckerberg is not a luxury vehicle at a high price. Mark Zuckerberg is even still loyal to using his old car because it still feels safe and comfortable according to him.

Everything that Mark Zuckerberg wears for convenience, not for high prices.

4. Don't waste money on useless things

Even though Mark Zuckerberg has a lot of money, he doesn't necessarily throw away his money to buy useless things. Not to mention if there are important events, Mark prefers to hold it in his backyard or a restaurant that doesn't have expensive rents.

Instead of wasting money only on things that are not important, it is better to save and save for future needs and other more urgent needs.

Those are some frugal tips from the big bosses of Facebook. The tips above you can easily apply in everyday life. Tips for frugal living will be very useful for life in the future which of course will be more difficult and everything is expensive. Greetings Internet Marketing.
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