How to Marketing For Health Practice Business

Nothing is more important than your health right? It is difficult to find a health clinic that is nearby and can be trusted. If you talk to the people closest to you about this. The possible information you get is about poor service, inadequate equipment, doubtful doctor experience.

The information obtained is the answer you do not want to hear. And then you conclude that it's really hard to find the right health practice. Be it the practice of a dermatologist, beauty, dentist, and others.

Word-of-mouth information may work, but it is also difficult to make more profit from this strategy. And for those of you who have a business in the health sector, here are some marketing ideas to make it easier for you to find potential customers:

Increase Awareness Of Local Target Audience

While you may want your health practice to be known by many people through word-of-mouth, you also need to get to know more closely who the target audience is around your health practice.

The most important and first thing to do is increase awareness of the target audience around your health practice. You may not want your ad to be seen by people in London, while your medical practice is in New York, of course this will not yield any results.

You can use the new map with Google My Business to share detailed information about your health practice, such as your address, the distance the patient is from your health practice, your working hours, and using the “Get directions” link. CTA can even be useful to make it easier for prospective patients to schedule appointments with you.

Creating Click To Call Ads

The main purpose of marketing or advertising a health practice is to make it easier to book appointments with patients. To make an appointment with a doctor, usually someone will contact the doctor via telephone or telephone directly to his practice.

Features like this are available on Facebook, AdWords and other apps on smartphones, desktops, and tablets. This feature can also be added to an existing ad or you can simply create a Click to Call campaign ad.

Creating Call-Only Ads

According to Google, most of the search for health-related information is done using smartphones. And one in twenty Google searches is a search for information about health. Don't miss this opportunity, you can create ads specifically for smartphones with Call-Only advertising campaigns through AdWords.

Making Appointment Reminders to Patients

Whether it's in the form of a message or a phone call, appointment reminders are important to make sure your patients are willing to come. You can use Google Calendar reminders, and send reminders and confirmations via email.


Remarketing helps you reach people who have already visited your website or practice, by serving ads that focus on how to get those potential customers. If you collect emails from your patients, those emails can be exploited using Google Adwords and Facebook.

Upload those emails to create remarketing and enticing ads to keep your patients coming back. Or you can send emails about health checks or medication to your patients.

Actually there are several more ways so that the health practice business is trusted by many people and grows. Such as including an official certification from a health agency or medical company in every advertisement. It is quite influential on the level of public trust.

If there is still a way that has not been mentioned and would like to share. Please add it in the comments column.

Good luck.
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