How to Share Android Apps Without Using Internet Quota

How to Share Android Apps, Now No Internet Quota Required - Google has finally introduced the Nearby Share feature that allows Android users to share Google Play programs with other Android users. Nearby Share can be used without a WiFi or mobile network, so you don't need an internet package.

Nearby Share was first published by Google in late 2020. It took some time for Google to actually send Android users using Nearby Share.

How to share android applications without internet quota, simply open Google Play, open the "Share Program" menu in "My Apps and Games", specify the program you want to share, and let your colleagues accept the incoming program.

Nearby Share is seen as almost similar to Apple's AirDrop. Because, Nearby Share does not require internet access and is very fast in transferring files.

After the user shares the program with someone, they can install it without exiting the share menu. Users can directly disconnect the network with other devices.

Quoted from various sources, Nearby Share is available on devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above.

For the feature to work, the user must first open the Play Store program and open My Programs. Users will find a new tab called Share next to Library when the feature is available.

Please select the Share tab, users are given the option to choose whether they want to receive the program or send it. Whatever is decided, the user will be prompted to activate location services.

When you select to send, the user is taken to a screen that lists all the programs that have been installed. Then, specify which program you want to send and press the green button in the upper right corner.

The user's cellphone will begin to search for the closest device. If you choose to accept, the user will feel the appearance as when the user sends a program to another user.

This reminds us of sharing files via infrared or bluetooth in the old days.
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