Tips for Stable Sales Without Discounts And Bonus

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One way to get good sales is to give discounts and bonuses. But there is another way, apart from getting good sales, but also having a stable and durable business, namely by using a relationship-based business pattern.

Before going to the core of the discussion, let's look at the two business patterns below:

1. Promotion-based business pattern

Determine which products are in demand
Determining Market Share
Doing Promotion

2. Relationship-based business pattern

Deciding what type of market you want to target
Get to Know Deeper Market Share
Building Relationships
Product Offer

When viewed from the business pattern above, it seems that the difference is thin. For the first business pattern, the product being sold is a very profitable product that is selling well in the market / hot product but later there will be many competitors who will come. 

With a lot of competition and what happens after that, install discounts, massive promotions that ultimately reduce monthly sales turnover, and even then there are no repeat orders from customers.

Now let's look at the second business pattern, we determine for ourselves what we want to sell, get to know the target market share based on the desired product, provide more value to potential customers so that they can start building relationships with customers. Then the last step is to start the product.

To build a relationship with customers, at least we have to focus on studying the character of the market share so that there is continuous communication. In other words, we must be able to win the hearts of consumers before selling products.

For example, we want to sell automotive products. We first determine the market share deeper. For example, determining the male audience who likes automotive, the first step we can take is to provide tips on several social media such as Facebook groups for example.

Then how to give these tips so that it is right on target? we must first research some of the following lists:
  1. What do men with an automotive hobby usually see?
  2. What do they think of their vehicle?
  3. What is their wish?
  4. What are the obstacles for them to achieve this desire?
In this case, you can search through Google to research the answers to the questions above.

For example answers:

  1. Usually, automotive enthusiasts often see shows/news about automotives, see modified cars or motorbikes on the highway, and even see clean and shiny vehicles.
  2. The desire for the same vehicle as they see, whether on TV broadcasts/internet/newspapers/magazines, modifications and even car maintenance.
  3. Have a dream to be more confident when riding his vehicle.
  4. Lack of knowledge in choosing a car variation or lack of knowledge on how to properly care for a car.

Now with the results of this research, we can provide useful tips to the male audience with automotive hobbies through several social media channels (strengthening personal branding).

The next step is to introduce products such as car variations with certain brands, offering car care products, apparel related to certain products, and even paid e-books about proper car care.

This relationship-based business pattern, at first glance, is a bit complicated because you have to study the audience well. But if this pattern has started to run, the business will run more stable and durable. In addition, the process of closing sales is faster, and even without giving promos, discounts or giving bonuses for certain products, we can immediately get conversions.

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