The Right Tips and Trick To Sell Online Selling Well

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Have you opened an online store or selling online on an e-commerce site but your products are difficult to sell? It could be because the appearance of the photos of the products you sell does not attract the attention of potential buyers.

There are researchers who have found that online stores with high-quality images have a doubled potential for their sales rate.

For online stores that use additional images with a product slideshow feature can increase sales conversion success by up to 65 percent.

This of course shows that potential online shoppers consider product photos to be more important than product information, reviews, and ratings.

Tips for Creating a More Attractive Product Catalog

So, so that your online sales sell well, below are some tricks to make your catalog or product photos more attractive so that they can tempt potential buyers.

1. Show the best side of the product

When shopping online, have you ever wished you could flip a product photo to see the other side of the product?

Taking the point of view of a customer, then it's best to think about which side of your products has the view that they are most interested in.

Providing product photos from various perspectives, especially for the type of fashion item, is very important in order to ensure that customers or potential buyers fully understand the advantages of the products offered.

Apart from all sides (front, left and right side, and back), close-up photos of products are also needed to be able to display product details.

2. Good lighting

Conditions for good lighting during product shooting and placing the product in the right light can allow customers or potential buyers to have a clear picture of the actual product.

So, it's a good idea to make sure you have bright, natural light for your product photos to get the best results.

Also make sure to angle the lighting so it doesn't cast shadows, and when in doubt, it's always best to use lighter colors instead of dark colors. However please be careful not to over-expose the product.

3. Define uniform attributes

Of course, you also want to present all the product photos as a collection. Make sure that each product looks the same size in every photo taken and in the same style.

Make sure the photos also have the same pattern that matches your branding and company message. If it is adequate, then choose a place in the office or warehouse to serve as a permanent background to be able to maintain photo consistency in all types of products.

4. Check the catalog results again

Before you upload all the product photos for a catalog in e-commerce, you should pay attention to all the photos carefully. This sounds simple, but of course this additional step can also help to detect things you might have missed.

Reviewing product photos before uploading can help ensure that product photos are not blurry, centered or overexposed, so that they live up to expectations.

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