Understanding FaceBook Ads and How FaceBook Ads Work

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In this digital era, using digital marketing such as Facebook Ads is a very useful strategy. Why? Because Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, so your business can reach a larger audience.

For Facebook alone, there are more than 2.80 billion active users per month. So, can you imagine how useful it is to advertise using Facebook Ads?

However, even though there are many users, not all Facebook Ads can convey the message of a business directly to the desired segmentation. However, some Facebook Ads ads can also run as desired.

So, it is very important to know the type, strategy, target options, and tracking, if you want to get the most out of Facebook Ads.

What should you know about Facebook ads? Before exploring how to advertise on Facebook Ads, let's learn what Facebook Ads are first!

Understanding Facebook Ads

Before continuing, let's get acquainted with what Facebook Ads really are.

Facebook Ads is part of social network advertising/ targeting which is a type of online advertising that focuses on social networking services. Therefore, Facebook Ads can be considered as 'advertising' in social media.

Facebook Ads is one of the most widely used online advertising platforms. (Source: Adobe Photostock)
Usually, some businesses use Facebook Ads ads as their marketing strategy. Then these ads can appear on desktop, mobile, and also in the right column of Facebook for desktop.

But don't worry, Facebook will not sell your info and your business to advertisers and they will actively enforce any policies that can protect your experience with third-party apps or ad networks.

How Facebook Ads Work

This is an important Facebook Ads study topic. As already known, Facebook Ads are available in several variations where you can promote your business, upload it on your page, or on the business website as a whole.

Although Facebook is more focused on advertising and increasing website traffic, you can still use this method as a way to send potential customers to your business website.

Facebook Ads are targeted at users based on their location, demographics and profile information. All of these options are only available on Facebook. So after you have finished creating an ad, you can set a budget for each click or 'impression' that your ad will get.

Furthermore, the ad will be seen by users on the side of the Facebook page or homepage. Therefore, Facebook Ads is a very good option to maximize engagement and brand awareness for a business.

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