WHATSAPP Secret Features Not Many People Know

The WhatsApp application is very well known among the people of Indonesia. Who doesn't have this application on their cellphone, almost everyone who has a smart phone must also have a WhatsApp application in it.

Because the need for the WhatsApp application is getting higher, the company continues to try to develop various features in this application. However, there are some secret WhatsApp features that are not widely known to users, as reported by

Here are some secret WhatsApp features that you must know

1. Disable Read Reports

This feature is quite helpful for some people. But there are also some people who feel disturbed by this feature because they feel their privacy is not maintained. For those of you who are annoyed with the blue double tick feature, you can disable this feature and make the sender only see the gray double tick even though you have read the message sent. The method is quite easy, you just need to open the settings menu > account > privacy and turn off read reports.

2. Mute Chat

Now you can mute notifications on other groups or contacts that you don't think are important. The method is very easy, you just need to open the WhatsApp application then select and hold the chat you want to mute. Then select the strikethrough sound icon which is at the top of the whatsapp display, to the right of the trash icon. And done, you've managed to mute your annoying group chat or contact.

3. Changing the Font

The next secret WhatsApp feature is that you can change the letters in the messages you want to send. The letters on WhatsApp can be changed into several kinds of options, such as bold, italic, and strikethrough text. Whatsapp does not provide any buttons or menus to be able to change the shape of the letters. You have to find out for yourself the tricks to change the form of writing.

For example, if you want to make text bold, then you must use an asterisk (*) between the words or sentences that you want to bold. Furthermore, to print italics you only need to add an underscore (_) between the words or sentences you want to italicize. And to create strikethrough text in messages, you also have to do the same thing as how to print bold and italics, only for strikethrough text you need to replace the sign with a tilde sign (~).

4. Backing Up Messages Automatically

You can anticipate data loss on WhatsApp by using the automatic backup feature. To activate this feature, you simply go to the settings menu > chat. Then select back up chat, there are settings that you can set to save conversation data to google drive. Log in using a Gmail account and you can set WhatsApp so that it can automatically back up data with a certain time that you can choose.

5. Turn off Auto Download

Usually when you get a message in the form of an image or video on WhatsApp, the image or video will be downloaded automatically. To fix this, you can do this. Go to the settings menu> storage and data. In this setting there is a “Media Auto Download” tab, there is a tab option in this setting, you can customize any media that can be downloaded automatically via cellular data, wifi, or roaming.

Those were some WhatsApp Secret Features that not many WhatsApp users know. 

There is also a feature that was recently developed by WhatsApp, namely the dark mode feature or dark mode for displaying applications. Not only that, WhatsApp was also acquired by Facebook in 2014 and there was news that it would again develop new features.
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