When is the Right Time or The Best Time to Update FaceBook?

Social media is a way for those who want to exist running their business in the field of internet marketing. So far, almost no one is separated from social media. Smartphones that were originally only monochrome are now designed to support needs.

This is a picture of reality that we must understand as business people. The business market on social media is an easy ground for businessmen who are still starting up as well as those who have grown up with the brand they have built for a long time.

Without social media, in today's era it will be difficult to reach the virtual world, especially for business owners who want young people and teenagers as objects.

So what can we do with social media?

As a medium used by all circles, social media holds a very important position. Have you ever thought about how many times people open social media, in this case Facebook, every day?

In the morning when we wake up, usually we immediately rush out of bed but now the reality of us after waking up we look for cellphones and see our latest updates.

When we are bored, we run to social media for entertainment.

After coming home from college or work, we also don't forget to see the latest news.

So is the night. Before going to bed, we take the time to open Facebook and see the news on the veranda.

Then, we had to ask, when is the right time to update to social media?

So often our frequency to visit Facebook in every time. Have you ever thought about what can be used to see user behavior with such a frequent frequency?

If you are a business person, of course you want each of your posts to get a lot of readers and feedback on Facebook.

Then when is the best time or "prime time" to post something new on social media?

From the infographic, it can be seen that the peak engagement of Facebook users on weekdays will increase by 86% in every post on Thursday and Friday.

Average user engagement will drop to 3.5% on every post uploaded Monday through Wednesday. Wow… A hefty percentage and very few people know about this.

The surprising thing about the world of Facebook is that few people want to be at work, they prefer their world on Facebook. You can imagine a business that wants to survive without Facebook is something that tends to be impossible.

The best time to upload a post to Facebook is during the day to get more attention from the audience. Daytime is the time when employees get bored with their work so Facebook is used to become an escape for employees. Hehehe…

Well, the Prime time that we must know to upload the best posts is as follows:
  • 1 pm – the right time to get the most post shares.
  • 3pm – the best time to get the most clicks.
  • 7-9 pm – at this time it is highly recommended to post at these hours as this is to get the full attention of the audience.
Don't forget to keep updating your Facebook if you want to continue and continue to get more reach of potential buyers.
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