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How to find out which news is viral or viral content that is being talked about by the public is very important. Especially for those who use the internet as a medium for doing business, viral content can be a part of internet marketing or find ideas to fill blog articles.

To find out which news topics are viral, it turns out that you can find out through keyword search indicators or keywords.

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1. Rely on Google Alerts

Google Alerts itself is a notification service that will send emails in the form of web pages or the latest news. These notifications are sent via email or web feed. There are six types of Alerts services such as News, Blog, Web, Comprehensive, Video and Group.

Through the New Alerts service from Google Alerts, you will get the 10 latest news content that is included in the top 10 search results on Google News. While on the Web Alerts service, users will get web pages that are included in the top 20 search results on Google Web.
It's very easy to find out which news is going viral by relying on Google Alerts. Users can visit the tools via https://www.google.com/alerts?hl=id.

Through this link, you can type in any news topic you want to know. Users can also get more specific demographics of the desired topic. After doing a search, users can create notifications to subscribe so that the latest topics related to news with that theme are sent to email.

2. Find out Viral Content with Buzzsumo.com

In addition to using Google Alerts, you can also use Buzzsumo.com to find out what news is viral on social media. This site displays a collection of news content that is currently viral, both in Indonesian and English. It also provides pro features so that you can display more complete viral content.

To use this tool, you can visit the website www.buzzsumo.com. On the first page of this website you can type in what keywords you want to know. Buzzusumo.com will display viral content related to the topic you want. Bloggers usually use this site to find article ideas for their blogs.

3. Use Facebook to Find Trending News

Facebook as a social media that is widely used today can also be used to find news topics that are viral or trending. How to?

You can use the Graph Explorer feature on Facebook. This feature can be used to search for news or trending topics related to the topics you want to know.

To use the Graph Explorer feature is quite easy, you just have to go to the developer.facebook.com link. On the first page of this site, you can go to the “Graph Explorer” option. Then you can select “Get Access Token”. Here you can take the “Page ID” and insert it into Graph Explorer.

Here you can take viral news from large pages that already have a lot of likes. Take the Page ID of the page and enter it into Graph Explorer. Then you can find out which news content is being shared the most. To view the post, you can click the post link to view the content.

Those are some ways to find out which content or news is trending. Of course you can take advantage of how to find out the viral news above for free without having to pay a monthly fee, hopefully it will be useful.

Source : wavker.com

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