5 Applications to Create a Creative CV on the Latest PC

Curriculum Vitae or commonly referred to as CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a document that provides an overview of a person's experience and other qualifications.

A CV is usually often encountered when applying for a job or something. In some countries, this CV is the main thing that must be in the job application document. This is done so that the Company's HRD can find out what potential applicants have.

Maybe you used to make this CV by writing on paper or using Microsoft Word. However, with the presence of technology that is very fast in today's era, then you don't need to bother doing that.

Because there are various applications and websites that you can use to create a CV online or offline. Of course, with the application or website, making a CV is much easier, more practical and the results are very interesting.

List of Applications to Create CV on PC

There are various choices of applications that you can use to create an attractive CV. You can also choose a CV design that suits your individual wishes. The following is a list of the best PC CV making applications that can be an option for you.

1. Enhancv

Enhancv is a free CV creation site. Of course, the site has offered various interesting features that can decorate your CV. There are many interesting templates and designs available in it.

To be able to create on this site you are required to create an account first of course. There is indeed a premium version, but the features of the free version are no less interesting. So make an elegant and attractive CV at enhancv now.

2. Easy Resume Builder

In addition, you can also use the Easy Resume Builder application. Which application can help you in making a professional CV. Equipped with many features available to beautify your CV.

Easy Resume Builder has a simple interface and is certainly easy to use. You can use this application for free loo.

3. Standard Resume

If you are a person who likes a minimalist design, then this Standard Resume is perfect for you. This online CV maker service is very simple. Unlike others, this service does not offer any outstanding features in terms of design or features.

Before making a CV in this service, you should first create an account. Even though it looks simple, if you make a CV in this service, it still looks professional. The service also offers an “Import data” option from LinkedIn.


Maybe for some of you, you must be familiar with Indeed, this website does not only provide features for creating a CV. But there are also other optional features that you can use.

You can freely express creative ideas in creating a CV in Canva. This site also provides various CV download formats such as .pdf. docx and JPEG.


If you want to create an easy and attractive CV in minutes, is the answer. You only need to capitalize on each of your personal data, then an elegant and attractive CV will appear by itself.

What's even more interesting is that you can make it possible to transfer personal data via LinkedInd which is then converted by KickResume into CV format.
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