Android 13 Operating System Will Be Named Tiramisu

Google is rumored to be carrying the name Tiramisu for the Android 13 operating system (OS), which continues the company's tradition of giving dessert names to all versions of Android.

Quoted via Gizmodo, Android 13 is said to be bringing some interesting new features to look forward to. Especially for smartphone users. First is the Panlingual feature.

This new feature allows users to set the language in each application which will be useful for those who are fluent in multiple languages ​​(Multilingual).

Google is also reported to have prepared access permissions from the notification feature so that users can now choose to display notifications or not. Meanwhile, currently Android users are required to receive notifications from the application and must manually pop-out to turn it off.

With this new feature, users can choose to allow the app to display notifications or not. This method is similar to how the user chooses to give the app permission to the location or camera.

Android 13 is also likely to introduce a new feature called Android Resource Economy that can help users keep the phone's battery lasts longer.

With this feature, the app will be given credits based on the phone's battery level. These credits can then be redeemed for performing certain tasks. As a result, the smaller the remaining power, the less credit given to the application.

Lastly, Google will likely bring a visual change to the lock screen clock so that it can be displayed in one line. As is known, currently the lock screen clock display always changes to two lines if no notifications come in.

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