Here's How to Check Your Activity on the WHATSAPP Application

The WhatsApp application has now become one of the most important and most frequently used applications for communicating. Therefore, it is natural that the WhatsApp application is used as a means to contact many people, starting with contacting the closest people to contacting colleagues.

With communication activities that are done so often, it is not uncommon for users who are curious to know all the activities they have done through this WhatsApp application. Starting from people or contacts who are often contacted, what files have been sent, to what chat groups are followed.

Luckily, currently the WhatsApp application can allow its users to know all communication activities. So, now you can easily find out directly what activities you have done, including exchanging messages, photos, and even voice messages.

The way to find out or to check your activity on WhatsApp is also very easy, that is, you can access it directly from the settings menu.

Well, to find out the full steps for checking activity on WhatsApp, here are the steps you can follow:
  • Please open the WhatsApp application.
  • Then select the Settings menu or Settings from the right corner of the Application.
  • After that, please access the Data and Storage Usage option or the Data and Storage Usage option
  • Finally, please select the Storage Usage option
Once the menu opens, you will be able to see a complete list of what groups you follow, including which contacts you send messages to frequently. For the order at the top it usually shows the person or contact that you send messages to the most.

But keep in mind, for this order is measured on the basis of data storage in the phone. Therefore, the person or contact at the top of the list is likely the person or contact you send messages to, or photos, or videos, so it's not just text.

Next, you will be able to select the person or contact you want to find out more about all communication activities that have been established so far in the WhatsApp application. In this way, too, now you can easily find out who the actual contacts or people you send messages to are.
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