How to Easily Create a YouTube Channel Account

There are various ways to create a YouTube account in an easy way, either by using a laptop or mobile phone. So, what is the easy way to create a Youtube account? Let's see how.

YouTube is now one of the most used social media worldwide. Especially for the vlog phenomenon which is increasingly being loved by people. So this makes many people who are looking for how to create a YouTube account and how to become a successful YouTuber.

Here are some easy ways to create a YouTube account.

1. Create a Personal YouTube Channel Account

How to create a YouTube account on an Android phone, iPhone, or on a laptop or computer can be done in an easy way.

First, please users to login to the YouTube page first. Then please take actions that will later require a channel account, such as some of these things, namely uploading videos, posting comments, or creating playlists. Then automatically, Youtube will give a request to the user to create a YouTube channel account.

Next, please follow the steps by filling in the requested data, you should check in detail for your name and photo to be included on the desired channel. Finally, please confirm for users to get a Youtube channel.

2. Create a YouTube Channel Business Account

There is also a way to create a YouTube Channel account for business. This is one of the ways to create a YouTube account that can later make money and can later be managed by multiple account owners.

The first step for how to create a YouTube channel account for this business is by logging in first. Then, please open your channel list at the following URL

Next, please click "Create a new channel" and please fill in the brand account name and please click "Create". Then the user's YouTube channel will automatically become a business YouTube channel account. Then please fill in the details and do the verification, and finally, please click "Finish" and the business account is ready.

That's how to create a YouTube channel account, hopefully it's useful!
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