How to Disable Location Feature on Android Smartphone

For many users, the location feature on this smartphone can be very useful and helps to find out where your current location is or find the location of the nearest favorite restaurant.

Although this location feature is very useful, there are many users who feel that using this location feature violates privacy issues. Most of them feel that for their whereabouts or for their location this does not always have to be known by other parties via Google services.

Here are tips on how to stop the location tracking feature on your Android phone. But before starting, you should pay attention to these tips because later they will vary depending on the Android version on the phone you are using.

For tips on how to disable the location feature on an Android smartphone this time, we use a smartphone with Android 10 with MIUI 11.

How to Turn Off Location Features on Android Phones

Tips on how to easily turn off or turn off location features on Android phones:
  1. Please open the "Settings" or "Settings" menu on your Android phone then after that please look for the "Location" or "Location" or "Password & Security" or "Password & Security" option, this depends on the Android device on the phone used .
  2. Then please click "Location" or "Location" and then slide the button to the left to turn off or disable the location feature on the Smartphone.
  3. Next you can also select "Emergency Location Service" or "Emergency Location Service" as well as "Google Location Sharing" to turn off or disable the location tracking feature there too.
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