Google Successfully Translates Sign Language into Voice

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When Google claims to have succeeded in developing an artificial intelligence or the term artificial intelligence (AI) on Google Translate so that this application is able to interpret or translate sign language into text or speech.

Reporting from Ubergizmo, this software that is being made by Google in theory could make it possible for people who have problems with speech to communicate more easily with other people who do not understand sign language.

The process of translating sign language into text

In the process of translating sign language into text or speech, it uses the camera on the cellphone. Furthermore, this camera phone that is connected to the Google Translate application will track all the user's hand movements and then interpret them into text or sound.

The development of AI that is being carried out by Google for sign language cannot be separated from the existence of smartphones that already exist today. The existence of this smart phone can also make the AI ​​can be carried wherever the user goes.

But even though they can now translate sign language, the company still feels the technology still needs further refinement.

They plan to expand this AI technology with more robust and stable tracking, increase the number of motions that can be reliably detected, and can support dynamic movements that take place.

It is hoped that by publishing this AI technology, it can provide impetus for other creative ideas and new applications from the research and developer community at large.

Reporting from The Inquirer, that Google uses a series of algorithms, so that smartphones can interpret this sign language using the phone's camera. This sign language interpretation uses a combination of detectors for the palm also known as BlazePalm.

Like fortune-tellers, the AI ​​that Google is making uses 21 points on the palm of the hand to interpret each sign language into text or speech.

The deaf community is certainly very enthusiastic about Google's findings. However, they still doubt whether this software will actually be able to translate more complex sign languages.

The deaf community itself has stated that sign language is the same as spoken language. So that the AI ​​that is being made by Google is useless if this AI fails to translate the communication that is taking place as a whole.

In addition to Google, it turns out that a similar technology is also being made by Microsoft. And a number of other private companies are also continuing to experiment to improve this verbal and non-verbal communication technology. For more detailed info, please search on your trusted search engine.

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