How much income from 1000 blog visitors?

It is often a question for bloggers and even ordinary people if their website or blog reaches 1000 visitors per day. Let's find out more by reading How Much Income from 1000 Blog Visitors?

On this occasion we will discuss in detail about this. Previously, if we deepened, there will be many factors that affect how much income we get from 1000 visitors.

Factors Affecting Blogger Income

Indeed, if we expect income, we always want the most. But you have to think twice about it.

Here are some factors that affect the income of a blog or site.

1. Type of Advertiser Used

Advertiser is an advertising material or provider that offers its advertisements to be served to us. Then we get paid after the ads appear on our blog.

As we know that many advertisers are scattered on the internet, such as Adsense, MGID, ADnow, yllix, galaxyon, propeller Ads, and others. All of these ad providers have their own TOS where we as publishers must follow the TOS of the ad provider.

We give an example of one of the most famous advertisers is Google Adsense. On Google Adsense there is a calculation of CPC or Cost per Click. In this calculation, every ad that appears on our website is then clicked by a visitor, then you will be paid.

However, each click from the ad has a different price. Here we assume 1 ad has a CPC price of 10 Dollars, -. If from 1000 visitors there are 10 people who click with a CPC price of 10 dollars, - then the income from our blog is 100 dollars. However, each ad CPC price is usually different.

2. CPC Price/Ad Clicks

The second is the CPC price per click ad. As we discussed above, the higher the ad click rate, the more income we get. However, CPC is not always stable and remains in certain units. In fact, sometimes bloggers often experience CPC in a very low unit range. But if lucky, then he could reach tens of dollars.

3. Ad Impression CTR

Although not all advertising service providers have CTR services, we will still discuss them. First, let's get acquainted with RKT first.

Adsense CTR stands for clickthrough rate. The term CTR or Click-Through Rate is very commonly used in the world of online marketing, be it Google Adsense, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Marketing, SEO, and so on.

Here is the formula for calculating CTR earnings from a website or blog:

CTR = number of clicks / number of views

For example, if you receive 10 clicks for 1000 page impressions then your page CTR is 5%. (10/200 = 1%).

The following is an example of a calculation from the official Google page.

4. RPM or Revenue Per Thousand Impression

Don't worry, not all advertising service providers have RPMs, but they will be discussed in more detail.

To calculate RPM, you can use the following formula:

RPM is the result of dividing Estimated Earnings by the number of Pageviews, multiplied by 1000.

RPM = (Estimated Earnings/number of Pageviews) x 1000

How to Increase Income from 1000 Visitors

After knowing some of the factors that affect the income above, then we will discuss several ways to increase the income of our blog or website.

1. Choosing Good Advertisers

The first thing of course you have to choose a good and good advertiser and of course must have a high CPC or RPM value. If the advertiser gives a CPC of 5 dollars per click and the click on the ad reaches 20 then you already have a lot of profit, of course.

Adsense, Mgid, and galaxy advertisers are advertisers that we can pair together.

2. Utilize Blog Visitors

Currently, this method is much more profitable than cooperating with other advertisers.

We can give an example, you have a food product and then place an ad related to food on your blog. Some visitors will most likely be interested in buying and that can be a source of extra money for you.

3. Utilize Blogs

After taking advantage of blog visitors, you can also take advantage of your blog or website. The way, of course, is to offer content placement services.

This Content Placement service means that your blog is used by other people to put their articles on your blog but on the condition that they have to pay to put the content on your blog.

Who determines the price? Of course the website owner.

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