How to Enable Dark Mode on FaceBook Lite

The dark mode feature has now become a trend that is widely used by various existing applications, including Facebook. But unfortunately the dark mode feature was not released on the main Facebook application, but was first applied to Facebook Lite.

According to news circulating, previously it was predicted that Facebook was trying to develop the dark mode feature in November 2019. But it turns out that the dark mode feature was first released in the "Lite" application.

And to try to use dark mode on the Facebook Lite application is quite easy. Users just press the three line icon on the rightmost tab of the application, and then a dark mode option will appear, then the user just activates it.

Dark Mode Color On Facebook Lite App

However, it is different from the dark mode installed in other applications. The background and interface on this Facebook Lite application when dark mode is activated will tend to be gray, not solid black like dark mode in other applications.

The Facebook Lite application itself is an application from Facebook that is deliberately simplified as possible so that the application storage capacity charged on the cellphone is not too large.

In comparison, the main Facebook app is 39MB in size, while the Lite version is just under 2MB in size. And after the application is installed on the phone, the standard application requires 400MB of storage space, while the Facebook Lite application only requires 9MB.

But of course most of the core functions on Facebook can still be enjoyed in the Lite version of the application, but the animation features and some other features will be reduced.

If you want to try the dark mode feature on the Facebook Lite application, then please immediately update or update the Facebook Lite application on your cellphone on the Play Store at least using the application version 181.
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