Easy Ways To Look Offline On WhatsApp

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When the weekend or holiday arrives, it is a moment that can make you not want to be disturbed. But sometimes it turns out that you also need to open the WhatsApp application to reply to important messages, so something goes wrong, right?

If this has happened, you should try to do some of the following ways below to make you look offline on the WhatsApp application.

1. Turn on airplane mode

When you need to read an important message but you don't want to appear online when you open it, then make sure you have turned on airplane mode before you open WhatsApp.

That way, even though you've entered the WhatsApp chat section, the message will still look unread until you open the message with airplane mode on again.

2. Reply to incoming messages via pop-up

Don't try to open messages in the application directly, but simply reply to incoming messages that you need to reply to via the incoming message notification pop-up that appears when a message arrives. That way, the last seen will not run and of course the "online" status sign will not appear.

3. Disable all privacy

Please go to Settings > Account > Privacy, then please select all the options (last seen, profile photo, about, status) then change to "Nobody".

4. Block at once

When you feel like you don't want to be bothered by anyone, including annoying messages on the weekends, then please select a contact and then block you. That way, the people you block won't be able to see your last seen, profile, or send you any messages.

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