Simple Ways to Speed ​​Up Windows Performance

Laptop or PC is one of the most important components in everyday life. Its increasing use makes various parties choose to get the best and fast access. This is to make their work easier.

In a laptop there is always the most important component, namely Windows. Sometimes windows do not work properly because they have been used for too long so that they become slower.

The following are tips on how to speed up Windows performance to avoid having trouble working:

1. Upgrade to the latest Windows

Often the slowness that occurs in windows is due to inappropriate aspects. Upgrading to the latest Windows will provide convenience in all access.

2. Remove unnecessary apps

Excess applications or loads on the computer will also be very influential. This is because not everyone understands the usefulness of one application. This is very important to note.

Each application will have a function and also the amount of storage that may be too large. That's why keep the applications that are considered necessary and discard the ones that are not used. This could be one way to speed up the performance of Windows on the computer.

3. Clean the hard disk

Doing regular cleaning is quite important. If the hard disk that is used is not cleaned regularly, many files and applications will hitch a ride. This causes the performance of windows to be hampered. So that no problems occur, cleaning the hard disk can be done periodically.

4. Limit working programs

Often people don't know how to make restrictions. They open a lot of work access at once without closing it again. This is what makes the performance of the computer so much longer.

To minimize crashes or laptops that are not working due to program overload, first make sure that only the essentials are opened.
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