Is it safe to pair MGID with AdSense?

Although it has been active for a long time in 2008, MGID only concentrates on the European and American markets. And since 2017 MGID has expanded into the Asia Pacific market. Of course, it is not easy to remember that there are so many native advertising that has already established its name in various parts of the world, however, slowly but surely MGID managed to exist and continue to grow in Asia.

Many questions arise about this MGID when juxtaposed with Adsense. Given that most publishers have installed Adsense on their blogs. For that, let's look at the following reviews:

Is it Safe to Use MGID and Adsense on One Blog?

To answer this question, of course you have to look at several aspects and experiences that have used both on one blog.

1. Based on Content Standards Policy

Neither MGID nor Adsense have their own standard policies. But there are some similarities between the two with regards to what is and shouldn't be featured in blog content. Among them are both not allowed to broadcast adult content that is provocative, illegal, violent, terrorism, drugs, gambling, and anything that violates state norms and laws.

So, when viewed from the content policies of the two, it is certain that it will be safe to use both advertising platforms on one blog.

2. Based on User Experience

Several leading blogs in various countries have used both MGID and Adsense advertising platforms on the same blog. This is also confirmed by several users who have been discussed in the largest blogger forums.

So, it can be concluded that placing MGID and Adsense ads simultaneously on one blog is not a problem. From the recognition of the forum members also stated that MGID's income could be greater than Adsense in certain niches.

3. MGID Support Team Statement

Several foreign bloggers have talked about placing MGID and Adsense ads at the same time. Questions are thrown in the Digital Point Forum and on the Google Adsense Support page. Here's the answer from the MGID support team

“MGID content is 100% compatible with Google AdSense and was created based on IAB policy and standards, accordingly, you'll never see any adult/provocative/illegal news into our teasers.”

“We specialize in promoting the most interesting and quality content from around the web from popular content creators, by displaying their content on our publisher websites. It allows the publishers to display news and content from around the web, improving their user experience and engagement.”


So it's clear, and it can be concluded from the three analyzes above that placing MGID and Adsense ads together on one blog does not violate the rules of both Adsense and MGID, and the ad placements of both can be adjusted, so they don't interfere with each other.

Another advantage is that you can earn multiple times, both from Adsense and MGID. Apart from being a Publisher, you can also become an MGID Advertiser to increase product sales or increase awareness and brand recognition for your business.
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