Recommendations for High-Paying CPM Ads that Bloggers Can Try

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Getting paid from a blog or website that is owned is certainly the dream of most bloggers. This makes them vying to advertise on the web. But make sure to choose high paying CPM ads in order to get abundant profits.

CPM itself stands for Cost Per Million. In the ad system, you will get paid calculated from 1000 ads that are successfully displayed. Are you interested in becoming an Ads publisher? Make sure to listen to the following discussion until the end, okay?

6 Recommended High-Paying CPM Ads

It turns out that besides adsenses there are several recommendations for high paying CPM ads in 2021 that you can try for your beloved web or blog. Among them are as follows:

1. Adsterra

Adsterra is one of the ads that offers various advantages. Both for publishers and advertisers. For ad publishers, they can get various options for monetization. Be it desktop or mobile.

There are several types of ads that can be installed, such as:
  • Slider
  • pop-under
  • banners
  • smartlink
  • native ads
  • social bar
  • and others. 
You can also do a low payout of 5 dollars with withdrawals every two weeks.

For advertisers, there are also many features that adsterra offers. Starting from targeted ads, ROI-based campaigns, and so on.

2. Adbuff

The next high paying CPM ad is Adbuff. If you want to register as a publisher for this ad network, you must have a minimum of 2000 organic visitors every day with an anti-fake website.

This ad publisher site is very user-friendly so it is very easy for advertisers or publishers to use it. The ads offered are CPC based, for publishers to use a combination of CPC and CPM to maximize earnings.

The minimum payout you can do is 100 dollars with various payment options. Such as bitcoin, paypal, and many more.

3. HillTopads

This ad network has anti-blocker technology that can ensure publishers will definitely get paid blogs when placing ads. You can do a minimum payout; 50 dollars through various payment methods, such as bitcoin and payoneer.

But don't be too confident if you want to become a publisher of hilltopads. This is because ad publishers will first have their website selected so that Hilltopads can also benefit from its presentation.

4. PropellerAds

If you want to ACC easily and instantly as an Ads Publisher, you can register at Propeller Ads. This CPM ad network has the nickname of the best high-paying CPM ads besides Google Adsense.

As a publisher, there are various types of ads that you can choose from. As:
  • Ads dialog
  • Native ads
  • Pop under
  • and so forth.
On propellerads there are many types of ads because they buy all the GEOs that have a 100% fill rate.

5. AdMaven

The next most expensive CPM ad is Ad Maven. This ad network has more than 5 billion impressions in one day. In addition, they have also worked with more than 10,000 advertisers and 10,000 publishers.

In addition, the CPM value is too high with a lot of impressions, making publishers and advertisers get profits quickly.

As a publisher, there are several types of ads that you can choose from, namely: Pop ads, banners, interstitials, prestitials, push notifications, and many more.


So that's the explanation of high paying CPM ads. How are you interested in becoming an ads publisher? I hope you are informed
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