How To Restore Deleted Apps On iOS And Android

Sometimes we accidentally delete a number of applications on our gadgets such as applications on iOS and Android.

However, even though we have accidentally deleted these applications, it turns out that there are several ways that we can do to restore the deleted applications either on iOS or Android.

For iOS users

The first step that must be done to restore deleted applications is to open the Settings menu. Then please select the General > Storage & iCloud > Storage to find the app option, after that then please press Delete App.

That way, we can find applications that have been lost because they were accidentally deleted. Then please reinstall the application.

For Android users

To restore applications that have been deleted on an Android phone is not a difficult thing to do. However, sometimes most people have thoughts of re-downloading the missing app on Google Play Store.

In fact, there is actually an easy way to restore deleted applications without having to download them again.

Here below are some steps as a way to restore deleted apps on Android:
  • First, please open the Google Play Store or also the outlet where we download applications for Android phones.
  • Then please tap on the Menu icon or the three line icon.
  • Next, please select the My Apps and Games menu.
  • Then please press the Library tab.
  • Well, in this section of the Library tab we will be able to see all the applications that have been removed or uninstalled. 
  • Next, please find the application that you want to re-install, then please press the Install button.

Well, that's how to restore deleted applications on iOS and Android, hopefully it can be helpful and useful.
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