This is How to Add InstaGram Followers and Likes without an Application

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications today. No wonder, if anyone has aspirations to become a famous celebrity. However, some people find this not easy because they have to accumulate a large number of followers and likes on Instagram. Even though there is a way to increase Instagram followers and likes without an application that should be known.

Yes, as we know followers and likes are indeed an important aspect if you want to be popular on Instagram. The benefits are not only famous, if you are already famous there must be endorsements that come. As a result, you can earn money from Instagram by promoting products. However, if so, is it necessary to buy Instagram followers and likes?

Well, this application, which is often abbreviated as IG, allows you to get active followers and likes for free. One way to get lots of followers and likes is to take advantage of free tools for free Instagram likes.

You can also take advantage of various advanced features on Instagram to naturally increase followers and likes on Instagram.

More tips and tricks related to how to add Instagram followers and likes without an application, you can see in the following description.

1. Not Private Instagram Account

The first way that can be done to increase Instagram followers and likes is not to make your Instagram account private. Private Instagram account in question is locking the account where only the followers you receive follow requests can see your latest posts and stories. Yes, Instagram itself provides features for business accounts and private accounts.

Especially if you want to add a lot of followers, you should not create a private account. Because after all, one of the success factors for adding active followers that you should pay attention to is the ease of access. You can see its application to well-known celebgrams, most of their accounts are not locked, right?

So in this case, one of the important keys to increasing followers and likes on Instagram is not making the account private, but switching to a business account. You can set it in the settings section of your Instagram account.

2. Create Interesting Content or Feeds

What is the purpose of other people following us on Instagram? It must be because there is something interesting on our Instagram right? Well, therefore, to add followers on Instagram, we should prioritize creating interesting content or feeds. Confused about what kind of content or feed to create? Actually, there are many things you can do to create interesting content on Instagram.

Most importantly, don't try to be like other people. Just tailor the content you create to your personality, so followers can feel close to your everyday life. To create good content you can learn to use video editing applications, learn basic photography and use the latest filters or features from Instagram.

If your content is interesting, followers will automatically follow you. Sure, after that there will be many accounts that notice you because of your interesting content to follow.

3. The Right Time to Post Content

In addition to paying attention to the content you create to make it interesting, try to be careful in choosing the right time to post content. The exact time in question is the best hours when many people open their Instagram accounts.

Every day has the prime time and it's different. Well, by looking at the clock, it's likely that more people will see your content.

When they see your content, they will probably give you feedback even if it's just like, commenting and even following you. Think about when is the right time to post content, for example during breaks, holidays, or other times. You can also always update content both from posts and stories, so followers don't think your Instagram account is inactive.

4. Mention or Tag a big account

Mentioning or tagging on large accounts can also help you get followers and likes naturally. However, what is meant is not spamming every Instagram account that is not clear.

For example, you just went on a trip and want to post a photo or video of it. You can mention or tag your travel account at home and abroad.

If the results of your photos or videos are good, your post may be reposted by the big account. Thus it is possible, there are many people who are interested in following you.

5. Follow and comment on Celebrity Accounts

The next way is to follow and comment on celebrity accounts. This method is an old method but still proven to be effective for increasing followers and likes.

For example, when you follow the accounts of big celebrities both domestically and abroad and leave comments on their posts, generally the fans of those celebrities will follow you because they think you are their fans too.

Even though the chances are small and you won't be able to get significant followers directly, this method can be a reasonable and functioning way to increase followers and likes.

The description above is updated information that discusses how to add Instagram followers and likes without an application. Immediately get free Instagram followers for your online business.

Free Instagram followers allows you to get the more Instagram followers you have. Thus the greater the opportunity for your business to be known and get loyal customers.

Do you have other tips and tricks to increase followers and likes on Instagram? Please take advantage of the various features and facilities available to achieve your goal of becoming a famous celebrity or to support your online business.

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