Tips to Avoid Fraud in the WHATSAPP Application

The threat of various online frauds is now increasing along with the increasingly attached use of digital platforms in people's daily lives.

There are so many cases of fraud that occur through sending messages from third parties such as cases of spam, hoaxes, and phishing actions that have been rampant.

According to data, there have been thousands of case reports for cyber crimes that have occurred in one country, with marketplace platforms, social media, email, or through other online platforms throughout the year.

And WhatsApp also reminded its users of the importance of always checking security by following a series of tips that users can do.

In addition to always providing WA features that can help secure users' personal information, the WhatsApp encrypted messaging application also provides several tips to increase the awareness of users from online fraudsters.

1. Copycat Mode

These online scammers can use various faces by pretending to be friends who are in trouble and then in the end try to borrow money or something.

For this reason, the user must pay close attention to the language of the person the scammer is trying to imitate.

After knowing that this is a fraud mode that is being tried by the perpetrator, the user can report and block the account of the fraudster.

2. Don't be tempted by the lure of gifts

Have you ever received a message that said you got a gift? If so, it is one of the modes of fraud perpetrators to try to deceive the victim. So you never believe in messages with the lure of gifts.

Well, if you happen to receive messages like that, then immediately delete the message and report the message. Never try to click on a link or access a link provided by the perpetrator.

3. Suspicious Links

Another mode commonly used by fraudsters to commit fraud is to spread links.

Fraudsters usually use a combination of characters in writing links to trick users into clicking on the link. In fact, when the link is clicked, the site is actually a fraudulent or phishing site to get victim data.

For this reason, users should be careful and more careful and thorough not to click on a link when there is an incoming message with a suspicious link.

4. Pay attention to WhatsApp settings

Users also need to control their privacy settings, by controlling who can see our information. Also control over who can add us to a group.

Don't forget to also apply an additional layer of security in the form of Two-Step Verification for account logins.
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