3 Ways to Eliminate YouTube Ads, Fast and Anti-Complicated

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YouTube is a video sharing platform that internet users are interested in, because in it there are various categories of videos that can be watched.

However, when accessing YouTube, there is one problem that sometimes irritates users, namely the problem of advertising. Currently, YouTube ads are considered more intrusive, because each channel has been automatically advertised by Google.

Even so, it turns out that there are several tricks and ways to get rid of ads on YouTube. For those of you who feel disturbed by the existence of YouTube ads, the following discussion about how to remove ads on YouTube should be read to the end.

1. Using Opera Browser

1. Open the Opera browser that is already installed on your computer. If you haven't installed it, please download it first.

2. If the browser is already open, please go to the settings menu by pressing Alt + P on the computer keyboard.

3. If you have entered the settings menu, activate the ad-blocking feature and access web pages three times faster, then open the video on YouTube, and the ad will no longer be shown.

4. Before the ad blocker feature is activated, ads still appear.

5. After the ad blocker feature is activated, the ads will no longer appear.

This ad blocker feature is a built-in feature of the Opera browser. So by using Opera, you no longer need to install certain ad blocker extensions on the browser.

This method is highly recommended for users who often open YouTube on a PC or laptop.

2. Using YouTube Premium

1. Please open the YouTube application that is already installed on your smartphone.

2. Tap the profile located in the upper right corner.

3. Select get YouTube Premium.

4. Tap free trial, then select a payment method starting from a credit or debit card, ShopeePay, DANA, or billing via a mobile card. If so, please fill in your name, then tap buy.

5. Here's what it looks like when the free trial is successful.

6. The YouTube homepage will also change to Premium, and you can search for the videos you want to watch without having to worry about being disturbed by ads.

For information, this free trial is only valid for 30 days. When the free trial ends, Google will send you a payment bill of IDR 59 thousand per month.

However, before the free trial period ends, you can still cancel your YouTube Premium subscription at any time in the YouTube app settings menu. So, no need to be afraid if you want to try YouTube Premium.

3. Using the Brave App

1. Make sure you have downloaded the Brave application on your smartphone. To download the application, you can search for it in the Play Store.

2. If you have already downloaded and installed it, please open the Brave application, and type youtube.com in the search field.

3. If the browser asks to select the default search engine, please select Brave.

4. Ads are no longer there, and please search for the YouTube video you want to watch.

This Brave application is a solution for users who access YouTube more often through the application, but are afraid to use YouTube Premium. So, please choose which method you think is the easiest to implement.

Those are three ways to get rid of ads on YouTube, hopefully they are useful.

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