Phone Memory Full? Try These Simple Tricks Before Deciding To Buy New Phone

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Running out of storage space is often a problem that many smartphone users face. This is of course very disturbing. Not only does it make the phone slower, running out of storage space also makes us no longer able to freely store photos, videos and other important files.

Some people may choose to replace their smartphone with a new device that has more RAM or storage space.

But for those whose pockets are thin, here are some simple tricks you can try.

1. Move photos and videos to the cloud

One type of file that often takes up storage space is photos and videos. Therefore, moving these files to the cloud is a very wise choice.

The good news is that there are plenty of apps ready to do just that. The bad news, if the amount is too much, maybe you have to be willing to spend money every month.

One of the best options is Google Photos which can be used to store an unlimited number of photos and videos, provided that the photo size will be changed to a maximum of 16 MP and the movie is reduced to 1080 full HD. Plus, this app works on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and the web.

But unfortunately, Google's announcement on June 1, 2021 stated that the number of photos and videos that can be stored for free on the platform is limited to only 15 GB for each Google account. But if you're willing to pay, you can have more space to store photos and videos.

While for other paid platforms, there is Apple iCloud that can be used by Apple product owners, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Photos, and Dropbox. You can look at their respective sites to see how much it costs to get more space.

Regardless of which platform is used, the app will automatically upload photos and videos. Then you can delete the copy on your phone. Even some apps, like Google Photos and iCloud, can do this automatically. That way, there will be more storage space left on the cellphone.

2. Delete unnecessary apps and games

Apart from photos and videos, various apps and games installed on your phone also have a big role to play in consuming storage space. So that the phone does not run out of memory, delete applications that are not used.

You don't have to worry, because this application can be reinstalled for free because Apple and Google already keep what you have paid for.

But of course not all apps take up a lot of space. To see which ones are taking up the most space, iOS users can head to settings, then General, and go to Storage. As for Android, go to settings, then Storage, and tap Manage Storage.

You just have to choose which application takes up the most phone storage space and then delete it.

iOS users can long press on the app icon until a dialog box appears then tap delete app. For Android users, tap and hold on the icon in the app drawer and then drag it to the uninstall section at the top.

3. Add external storage

Some of the previous tips will delete some files on the phone. But if you want files to stay with more free storage space, then adding external storage can be very helpful for Android users.

Many phones currently on the market are equipped with a slot for a microSD, which is ready to provide additional storage space for files and applications.

By installing a microSD, you can add up to 256GB for only Rp. 500 thousand. But before buying, first make sure the card that can work on your cellphone, yes.

While for iPhone users, there is no slot for additional storage like Android, but you can add an external storage device that is compatible with the iPhone you are using.

4. Reset your phone regularly

Resetting your phone regularly is the most effective solution to running out of space on your phone. When returned to a factory reset, the device will return to its original state as it was when it was newly purchased.

But to be aware, when resetting the phone to factory mode, photos, videos, messages, apps and everything else stored in the internal storage will be deleted. So don't forget to back up all important files before starting this process.

But if you already rely on cloud-based storage, this process is actually no longer as complicated as it used to be because the platform already backs up what you want to save from your phone. So, no need to worry anymore when it comes to resetting your phone.

So, those were some simple tricks that can be used to make storage space more spacious. But if the various methods above can't solve the problem of running out of storage space, maybe it's time for your phone to be updated with a device that has more storage space.

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