This App Help Astronauts Take Photos of Earth, General Users Can Access!

Astronauts catch a rare phenomenon, a flash of lightning from the space station.
International Space Station (ISS) astronauts often post impressive photos of Earth from space. Some of you may be wondering how astronauts can accurately capture the area of ​​the globe they pass through. Not even a few who suspect that it is just artificial.

Fortunately, one of the astronauts has spoken up to explain.

Matthias Maurer is a materials scientist who is part of the European Special Agency (ESA) and is best known for the photos of the terrain he shares on social media.

Through social media, Mathias explained what tools they used in space to get such photos. Apart from a good camera, astronauts also need to know what moment it is and the right place to get the picture.

To find out where they are above Earth and so as not to miss an opportunity to take a photo, the ISS astronauts use the GolSSWatch app and NASA's virtual maps to support their shooting objectives.

The GolSSWatch app is not for the exclusive use of astronauts, as all iPhone and iPad users can download it for free via the App Store. The main function of this platform is to show the exact position of the ISS with respect to Earth, so people on the planet can also use it to track the trajectory of the space module in real time.

"It also shows the weather conditions and the purpose of observing the Earth to get the perfect photo," explained Matthias.

And it's not enough just to know where they are, but they have to find the ideal moment to take the photo and the area.

The app is also programmed to report moments when the ISS is visible to the naked eye with clear skies from Earth.

Space enthusiasts are advised to use instruments such as telescopes or binoculars to get a better view. And the app will give you a notification if you want to see it.

Space Photo App for Android Users

For Android users there is another alternative called 'ISS Detector' which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and has the same functionality.

Other apps like 'ISS Live Now' also offer an equally interesting experience. Because with it people will be able to observe live video transmissions broadcast from the Space Station.

In the same way, this function has features such as Google Street View for exploring the Station's internal facilities and thereby taking virtual tours of where astronauts live and work.(*)

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