Android Often Feels Very Hot? This Might Be The Cause

Since the pandemic we have become increasingly dependent on our cellphones, whether for work, leisure, or staying connected with friends and family.

Because mobile phones are a basic need and very important in everyday life. We often get frustrated when something goes wrong with this device.

It's natural for a phone to break and sometimes stop working when it's worn out. But not infrequently you experience daily disturbances that are very troublesome.

If you are an Android user and have recently noticed that your phone is getting too hot, then you are not alone.

So what causes the phone to overheat?

Reported by Bestlife, the heat of Android phones is sometimes caused by internal factors that are beyond our control. According to Android Authority, the phone may overheat due to an internal chip designed by a company called ARM. Both Samsung and Qualcomm (which supply processing chips for Android smartphones) base their flagship processors on these chips.

Android Authority reported that in March 2022, Samsung had actually come under fire for "throttling," or slowing down the performance of certain apps. According to the company, it was done to prevent overheating. It also causes problems with performance and power consumption.

But some experts believe that this may not all be related to the ARM design, but could also be part of the manufacturing process. Because, Apple uses the same design for the iPhone application processor, but they don't experience any problems.

Apple builds its chips based on the ARM design (but modifies them for iOS systems and iPhone products), and doesn't experience overheating or performance issues.

"Meanwhile, Qualcomm is developing application processors for use by multiple manufacturers, possibly hinting at less efficient optimization," Android Authority reports.

Although, you can argue that Samsung has similar manufacturing optimization advantages to Apple so this explanation seems unlikely.

Solution for hot Android

Is there any solution for this Android problem?
According to Android Authority, despite the commotion Samsung faced back in March about throttling and limited performance, there's no clear fix at this point.

"Hopefully Qualcomm and Samsung will find effective ways to adapt their designs to rival Apple's energy efficiency," the site said.

What to do if Android heats up?

There are several steps you can try to cool it down. According to AVG, Android can heat up if you have outdated apps, if you stream content (like Netflix or YouTube), or if you leave it in the sun too long.

To return Android to normal temperature, you need to use less power. So AVG advises to stop using it. But if you can't put your phone down, try lowering screen brightness, closing unused apps, and switching to Android Battery Saver mode.

If your Android overheats while charging, the battery, charging port, or charging cable may be damaged. This problem can be resolved by replacing different components to see if they fix the problem.

Restarting the phone can also solve certain problems. But you may need to seek help from a professional who can replace the battery or help screen for potential malware. (*)

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