'Watch History' Makes it Easy for TikTok Users to Find Videos that have been Watched

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TikTok seems to understand the plight of users who often forget to save the videos they like. And also, for those of you who accidentally refresh the timeline.

With the 'Watch History' feature, it is easier for TikTok users to find videos that have been watched.

Reported by The Verge, Monday (28/3/2022), the company has been testing the watch history feature that can save you the frustration of trying to find videos you've watched before.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra retweeted the trial's findings from Twitter user Hammod Oh. Both of them often explore the latest features on various social media platforms.

A screenshot of Hammond Oh showing the watch history option will appear under content and activity in the settings section of the app.
There's still not much detail about what the watch history page will look like or how it compiles previously watched videos.

But for sure, the absence of a watch history button has made most users use a rather complicated method. For example, some users have to leave a trail in order to find videos they've watched again, such as liking the video to get it on the like list.

There are also other ways like filtering search results based on the videos you've seen, and steps that require you to download all of your TikTok data just to find one video.

If the TikTok application really comes with this feature, it will certainly save a lot of time with a simpler process. (*)

Photo: Pixabay

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