New Features in Android 13 Claimed to Improve Gaming Experience

Android 13 seems to be making gamers smile big. The reason is, the latest Android operating system is predicted to bring some improvements in gaming matters.

A report from Phone Arena reveals that Google is planning to add more game-oriented improvements to Android 13.

One of the main ones is the setGameState method which when implemented, will allow to know the current state of the game.

By knowing the status of the game, the phone can decide whether the game can be interrupted or not. But more interestingly, thanks to the setGameState method, the game can also communicate loading process information.

The phone can then act on the information it receives and boost CPU performance using the new GAME_LOADING mode.

While it's nothing new in today's era, but having a built-in in Android itself can make it easier and even more effective. Moreover, it is a first-party software feature.

The report states that Google intends to make this upgrade available to all phones launched with Android 13 (and later) out of the box. However, the same cannot be said for other devices that will be upgraded from Android 12 and earlier.

Game-oriented OS improvements have been made over the years. Even on Android 12, there are various features, such as the option for game developers to apply different game performance modes such as high refresh rate, power efficiency, or high quality. Games like Asphalt 9 and Genshin Impact are just a few that use this option.

What's more, Android 12 allows phone manufacturers to add a Game Dashboard, which is a pop-up menu you may have seen in some mobile gaming modes.

This is a quick way to enable and disable simple settings you might want to access while gaming.(*)

Photo: Pexels/Rodnae Productions

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