Now, Content Creators Can Merge YouTube Videos for Shorts

Now, keators can use snippets from billions of feature-length YouTube videos for Shorts, the company announced Thursday (4/14/2022) in a blog post.

In YouTube Shorts, content creators were previously only able to splice short audio clips from other videos on the platform. However, this update allows users to trim 1 to 5 second segments from longer YouTube videos that are eligible for use in Shorts content.

When a new short video is created with clips from an existing video, the original video will be listed with credits via the link. The number of videos available for remixing is huge.

But creators of original video content can have the option of not allowing their content to be remixed. Videos with copyright claims or set to private also cannot be cropped for Shorts.

The video remix feature will roll out to iOS users in the coming weeks, while Android will follow later this year.

Bringing the remix feature on YouTube Shorts is the company's answer to competing with popular TikTok features like Stitch and the viral audio-based trend.

But allowing billions of YouTube videos to be reused is a pretty good move. This move can also benefit original content creators if their content makes a viral trend.

YouTube also announced today that Shorts is accessible via the web and tablets, with a new Shorts tab appearing across devices over the next few weeks.(*)

Photo: Pixabay

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